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State of Massachusetts public records guide to online resources for conducting a comprehensive public search. Individual agencies link visitors to forms, steps to request official documents, criminal arrest reports, verification of information, case search for any litigation history and other personal and business background data from different government departments. Web based services are offered by the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services, Court-view Access, various state and local registries. Instant searches can be found by linking to Secretary of State business entity search, Division of Professional Licensure verification, registry of deeds land searches and local recent arrest inmate searches.

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Massachusetts was the 6th state to join the Union on Feb. 6, 1788. It is the 13th most populous state with 6.5 million residents and the 14th largest by size with a 10,555 square mile territory. There are 5 counties in Massachusetts and over 300 cities with local level governments. Agencies created by government serve the people of Massachusetts at various levels and duties. Public services such as recording of official documents, licensing, law enforcement and emergency services fall solely under the government’s responsibilities.

Massachusetts law ensures the public that state and local agencies will provide access to their records and meetings. Anyone for any reason can make a request for information from each and every agency or entity in custody of public data. Residents in or outside of the state may request records for business and personal reasons. An easy and simple manner in which to obtain the information is also provided by the law where records can not be out of reach due to cost or delay.

Criminal records are a vital part of a background check conducted in Massachusetts. Criminal records are provided by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS) CORI background check system. This background check covers the entire state and what is included in the report are detailed on the official site. Easy to follow forms and instructions on how to conduct your own private background investigation. A search can be expanded with other valuable resources to uncover additional information you may not have been familiar with. Look up offender lists instantly from county registries. View the most wanted lists from the department of public safety or county sheriffs for a more local search. Locate an inmate in the Massachusetts Department of Corrections system. Requesting court records can reveal past and recent divorce filings. Civil and criminal case files are available from the Massachusetts judiciary.

Directly access official government web sites for documents you are trying to find. Orders for birth, death and marriage records from the Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) can be requested with online forms. Begin your query for a single document or a full background investigation with the best Massachusetts sources found online. By viewing a current and complete list of valuable Massachusetts government and private sites, you will be better familiar with resources that are available to the general public.

Court Records Information

The Massachusetts probate and family court has exclusive jurisdiction over estate, support/custody, paternity, marriage dissolution, domestic violence and adoptions. The Massachusetts land and housing courts have jurisdiction over real property rights, small claims up to $2,000, misdemeanor, ordinance violation cases and handles preliminary hearings.

The Massachusetts juvenile court has jurisdiction over miscellaneous domestic relations (TPR), and juvenile cases. The Massachusetts Boston municipal court has jurisdiction over tort, contract, real property rights ($0/no maximum), small claims up to $2,000, mental health, civil trial court appeals, and miscellaneous civil cases. The Boston criminal municipal court hears felony, misdemeanor, DWI/DUI, domestic violence, and traffic/other violation cases.

The district court has jurisdiction over tort, contract, real property rights ($0/no maximum), small claims up to $2,000, mental health, civil trial court appeals, hears support/custody, and paternity cases. Criminal division of the district court has jurisdiction over felony, misdemeanor, traffic , domestic violence, criminal appeals cases, traffic/other violation, and juvenile cases.

The state’s superior courts have jurisdiction over tort, contract, real property rights ($0/no maximum), civil appeals, and miscellaneous civil cases.

Massachusetts appeals court has mandatory jurisdiction in civil, criminal, administrative agency, juvenile cases, discretionary jurisdiction in interlocutory decision cases. The state’s supreme court has mandatory jurisdiction in civil, criminal, judge disciplinary, advisory opinion, original proceeding cases, discretionary jurisdiction in civil, criminal, administrative agency, juvenile and interlocutory decision cases.

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