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We Built This Site To Assist people in Conducting Free public record searches and free Background Checks, Search Billions of public records through tens of thousands of government and public record links. Our links are updated hourly by our staff of professional public record researchers saving visitors to our site time and frustration of broken links. Easy to use self explanatory site will link you directly to the public records you are seeking Nationwide, by county or state.

PublicRecordCenter.com is among the largest gateway to public information on the internet. Whether you are looking for a single record or a full comprehensive background check, we can provide the links, know how and self-help resources to get the records you are looking for. Many records are available through government agencies and therefore we link you to either their data or requests forms online. We strive to find free databases with public records found online. Our links are not limited to free databases as some request, even from government agencies require a fee to process your search. PublicRecordCenter.com lists many free sites particular to the information you are seeking where you may not need to order a full background search. You can visit our website and check to see if the information you are seeking is free or at a lower cost prior to ordering the same with a private company. There is no fee to visit our website and use our resources. However, we do list private companies that can provide records you're not able to obtain by yourself online. Private companies are also a good alternative when you're looking for full service or expedited orders. Check with out site for records first, visit our "how to do it yourself" and list of helpful links before browsing the web searching aimlessly. Request a criminal record from the state police agency by simply filling out a online form. Look up records of yourself and what you future employers will see when they're screening for new hires. Be prepared with a greater knowledge of public records and the information that is available about you.

You can search people and companies as well. Look up licenses of attorneys, contractors, educators, accountants, medical professionals and more free instantly. Search company information with databases offered by government entities. PublicRecordCenter.com is used by companies for pre-employment screening, ordering driving records, statewide criminal search and credit reports. Individuals looking to move to a new area can search for sex offenders, demographic and population information, police reports, schools and news articles.
We search for records nationwide and add new resources on a constant basis and keep up to date with new ways of obtaining information. Well maintaining links with relative information is an important part of what we accomplish. We make every effort to maintain our website updating links with the latest resources and are constantly improving access to public information. We have a devoted staff keeping our links free of broken connections, sites under construction or unrelated commercial websites.
We are listed on many government websites such as law enforcement, public data repositories, city clerks and more. Our website is visited by thousands of individuals and companies everyday. An easy way to determine information available to the public is to view PublicRecordCenter.com's large directory of links, websites and agencies.

Our site offers an easy and user friendly approach to searching for records saving you time and the hassle of using search engines that primarily show commercial services. Our researchers are experts and look for the most helpful websites and related material.