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About Public Records

Public records can be requested by anyone seeking recordings of divorces, court records and criminal histories. The easy retrieval and know how of viewing and obtaining records is not guaranteed. As government agencies and departments do not market their services like many private companies, the general public is faced with the challenge of where to look. By accessing a list of departments by agency, state or local governments, you can find the record and its custodian with ease. Even if you are not certain if the record you are seeking exist for retrieval, public record center's index by type of search assist anyone with a list of sources to look up. You can search by a purpose such as a background check, asset search or just merely a people search to find addresses under a person's name.

You can locate a person by their name with a people search online. Find a person and view their address, age, close or distant relatives they may be living with or share property with and phone numbers associated with the individual you are looking up. Check for multiple names, aliases and maiden names of the subject of your search. Review a comprehensive index of best sources found on the internet and conduct a complete people address locator search with a single site. Only find the information that is necessary by name without having to request a full background search.

Find out the birthdate of a friend, relative or acquaintance. Enter the name and see the date of birth of anyone instantly online. Conduct a free birth records search from the best databases containing millions of individual names found online using government and private information. Obtain the full date of birth including year, month and day of birth of anyone in the U.S.

Search criminal records statewide, nationwide or internationally. Public records directory will look up criminal history or an individual online. Request public records of criminal cases including felonies, misdemeanor, infractions and traffic violations. Conduct a search of your own criminal convictions before looking for employment. Instant safe secure anonymous searches conducted by comprehensive criminal databases.

Searching offenders from online databases regularly updated information of sex predators is offered by many state police, county sheriffs and federal most wanted and predator lists. Listed are the photo, identity and addresses of known sexual predators in a particular area. Registries and databases of offenders nationwide across the United States is available to the public with a preliminary instant query. Find out who is registered as an offender in your neighborhood of person convicted of sexually violent offenses.

Gain access to find marriage records with a state by state history search. Look up the largest current databanks of marriages revealing dates and locations. See spouse's name and divorces. Obtain additional information to narrow your results with new data found while conducting your research. New helpful data to further your search includes residences, birth dates or family members. Instantly access records about divorces you are looking for. Search the largest updated divorce databanks which can reveal full name, maiden name, the age and the date of filing. Discover new information entered on a regular basis.

Our federal, state, county and city governments also provide for databases to verify professional licenses it issues. From contractors to physicians, licensed individual can usually be verified with a simple online visit to the issuing agency. Databases for license verification can in many instances offer more than a simple verification. When looking up attorneys, the state bar or license issuing agency for that state’s website can show any past disciplinary actions, areas of practice and education background along with additional certifications.

What ever your needs are, whether personal or business, you can obtain records easily by just beginning your search with the correct sources and know how. Public records are made available to the public by state and federal laws. This gives the public a right to records held by government agencies. Most of these statutes are in place to promote a transparent government and its agencies. However, while many requests pertain to government oversight, many other requests are made by the general public for records needed for passports, gathering information, courts and other personal needs. The internet has facilitated much of the process as in using the U.S. mail or having to visit the branch personally. Expedited services are available to have many of the records as available as walk in requestors. Web only private companies have been in many states now been authorized and work along with government agencies in providing public record retrieval services for approximately the same costs unless expedited requests are being used.