Comprehensive Infomation About Searching for Alabama Public Records

About Alabama Public Records

Government records are guaranteed to the general public without requiring a reason, due to the Freedom of Information Laws. The U.S. and state of Alabama legislatures instituted these laws in efforts to keep state, local and federal governments transparent by providing the public with information held by its agencies. Many FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests are made by groups and organizations for reasons of scrutiny and government oversight. Journalists looking to uncover a story of government’s internal affairs are common requestors of government information. However, many individuals request government records for personal purposes since state and local agencies are custodians of a vast number of recorded documents that are necessary in the course of eve ryday life from time to time.

PublicRecordCenter is an essential tool in helping to find recorded information in the state of Alabama. View a complete detailed list of public agencies and government websites providing information you are looking for. A general query using search engines will result in links not specific to accessing records. A directory showing agencies and their individual roles assists in directing where to begin your search. Agencies’ responsibilities can vary from state to state leaving an individual unfamiliar with the government’s structure browsing aimlessly. View links with descriptions of what they provide, broken down into state, county and local departments.

Alabama criminal records are can be requested by many different individuals, including employers, persons conducting a self criminal history check prior to applying for employment or for personal purpose. An individual requesting a criminal history of their own background can place the request directly from the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC). Employers can register with the Alabama Background Check System and get access to the most current and comprehensive criminal history reports. Details of criminal reports includes available information of the arrest date, arresting agency, charges, case numbers, type of charge whether felony or misdemeanor, court action and disposition.

A search of assets such as bank accounts, financial statements or protected information will generally require court orders or an official authorization. However, many assets such as real estate ownership can be easily obtained from Alabama’s property appraisal database maintained by each individual county. A search of Secretary of State’s entity business filings will show ownership and status of a company. Secretary of State also offers information regarding UCC filings and trademarks open to public inspection. Court records are used by private citizens as well as licensed attorneys. PublicRecordCenter court information search page includes links from Alabama’s various jurisdictions. All levels of court can be accessed in a single easy to find page. A brief layout of Alabama’s judicial structure will familiarize a researcher with the court’s system. Order instant records of divorces, other civil suits and criminal cases online. Look up judgments, liens, state traffic records, child support information and small claims court files case by case.

Whether looking up databases to find a person, using people finder links, or accessing birth, death and marriage certificates directly from the correct official agency, a public record search should be clear and simple. Unrelated confusing items appearing in general searches can be time consuming and unsuccessful. PublicRecordCenter lists the most updated current links found on the internet specific to Alabama records retrieval.