Comprehensive Infomation About How to Find California Public Records

About California Public Records

California is the largest state (by population) in the United States with over 37 million residents. There are 58 counties and 478 cities covering 155,959 square miles. Sacramento is the capital and the sixth largest city in the state amongst Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco and Long Beach. The "Golden State" is the sixth largest economy in the world. Its leading industries are technology, agriculture and banking.

The California Public Records Act was drafted and introduced into legislation to offer residents with better transparency and access to their state government. Requests for information from the government for public records can be made without giving a reason and are open to anyone. There are exemptions for privacy and confidentiality. However, statutes provide greater access to government and placing most of the burden on the agency to justify denial of the public’s request. All agencies within the state fall under the Sunshine Laws also known as open records and meetings act.

Public record requests are also submitted for personal and business reasons including ordering a background check before hiring, birth records for proof of identification and miscellaneous document copies. Finding where to obtain information can be a simplified task with a comprehensive directory of official government agencies and sources. PublicRecordCenter can simplify your California search for records by listing best found sources online. View pages that gather sources to conduct a criminal history search, view California court cases, use self help sites providing vital records and forms to help discover assets.

Criminal records for background checks can be ordered from the California Department of Justice online. Purposes must be as a condition of employment, certification, adoptions and other clearances, however, individuals may order a copy of their own criminal history. Criminal court case searches are also available to the public through court links. Link to official sites to look up UCC filings, verify professional licenses and other top sites. See how to request information for a complete background history by expanding your search to look for divorces, marriages and ordering driving records.

Searching for California assets can include a vast variety of records. Bank accounts and personal financial information are not open to the general public. Many other assets such as property records can be obtained from county recorders and assessors. Look up business ownerships filed with the state of California. Order bankruptcy filings from all three California districts. Find out how to obtain a copy of vehicle or vessel records. Locating assets can be one of the most difficult researches to conduct, knowing where to look with clear do it yourself instructions can result in a more comprehensive search.

View California’s judicial branch on one page from small claims to the state’s supreme court. Access the California courts self help center for information in any statewide court. Order civil case documents such as divorces, criminal trials, small claims and traffic violations. Look up case summaries, online dockets and calendars for current and upcoming trials.

PublicRecordCenter serves browsers and researchers as a free California directory to the most current sources of information found online. Whether you are conducting a full background or asset search, a free website with official quality links is essential to an informative and complete final result.