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About Idaho Public Records

The state of Idaho is located in the northwestern part of the nation. On July 3, 1890, it was the forty-third state admitted to the union. It covers 87,530 square miles, the fourteenth largest state in the country by area. The population is approximately one and half million. The state is comprised of a total of forty-four counties. The capital and largest city in the state is Boise. Important industries in Idaho are food processing, lumber and wood products, outdoor recreation, and tourism. Idaho is represented in the U.S. Congress by two Senators and two Representatives.

The Idaho Public Records Act, the law governing freedom of information in Idaho, was passed in 1990. It is this law which governs public documents in Idaho. The law holds that all persons have to right to examine any public state record. The law further states the methods by which public meetings are held and declares that public business shall not be held in secret. Requests for public documents are handled by the individual public agencies which maintain the documents being sought.

As it can be confusing to find public information and documents on a state web site, PublicRecordCenter facilitates the search process by providing easy access to locating state recorded documents in Idaho. A directory lists information by categories and presents direct links to the state agencies web sites where data can be viewed online. In most cases, request forms to retrieve the information are immediately available.

Criminal history records are available as public information in Idaho. It is available to individuals regardless of whether they are aligned with law enforcement or criminal justice agencies. These records are most frequently used for employment screening, licensing checks or criminal background checks for personal reasons. This service is offered through the Idaho Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The BCI web site presents the various services offered as well as the different methods by which these records may be requested.

Searching for business entity and asset information is made simple through PublicRecordCenter as the researcher is able to follow direct links to official Idaho web sites containing public record information. From the Secretary of State web site, there is an online search database to locate information regarding state business entities and corporations. This search would include in part, corporations, limited liability companies, assumed business names, limited partnerships, and unincorporated non profit associations. A listing of individual county assessors is also offered, wherein property search databases are usually located.

Idaho court records are considered public information, and as such are mostly available via court case search databases. Individual web sites for District, Drug and Mental Health, Family, and Youth Courts may also provide information regarding case and docket information. Similar data is available for bankruptcies, appellate courts, liens and judgments. Find direct links on Public Record Center to easily access Idaho court records and opinions.

Public Record Center offers the most expeditious route to locating public records and information online. Each page provides descriptive, easy to follow links to the information being researched. Whether the task is searching for people, vital records, or how to attain copies of recorded documents, Public Record Center provides a no nonsense approach to retrieving public records.