Comprehensive Infomation About How to Find Kansas Public Records

About Kansas Public Records

The state of Kansas joined the union in 1861. Its early economy relied on agriculture and is a leader in producing corn and grains. With a population of over 2.8 million residents, Kansas is the 33rd most populous in the United States and 15 largest in territory with over 82 thousand square miles. There are 105 counties and 628 cities in Kansas that serve as governments on a local level.

Kansas legislature creates, locates county seats and makes changes to county lines based on the state constitution. County governments elect their own commissioners, clerks, district attorneys, treasurers, registers of deeds and sheriff. There are 3 classes of cities based on population. First class cities have a minimum of 15 thousand residents, second class cities have less than 25 thousand in population but can be a first class city after 15 thousand residents. Third class cities have a population of 2000 to 5000 residents. The largest cities in Kansas are Wichita, Overland Park, Kansas City and Topeka.

City, county and state governments have numerous agencies serving the residents of Kansas with public safety, trial courts, tax collections, recording and providing documents. The state legislature passed the Kansas Open Records act (KORA) stating that “public records shall be open for inspection by any person”. This Kansas statute gives the public the right to obtain any information held by the government with exceptions as stated by law. A request can be of any reason and no requestor can be excluded due to their purpose.

Kansas criminal records and background checks are often requested for business and personal needs. The Kansas Bureau of Investigations provides the general public a criminal history record check. Find out details of rap sheets or abstract of criminal history containing arrests, prosecution and trial. A sample and explanation of the report can be seen prior to placing your order. Criminal history are an essential area of a background check, however, expanding your search to other Kansas public records can reveal additional important information. Employers requiring a drivers records check can obtain a license record history check from the Kansas Department of Revenue. Access the Kansas Judicial Branch’s guide to open records. See how to order court records of divorces filed in Kansas. Look up awarded judgments and liens. Criminal and civil trial transcripts with disposition and other specific information involving each case. Most case information can be provided in 3 business days.

Asset searches in Kansas can be performed with few exceptions. Kansas privacy and identity protections apply to financial records, ongoing investigations and other confidential information. Kansas provides many records of assets not under restrictions outlined by law. Kansas register of deeds maintains and provides real estate and property ownership records. Perform a business entity database search from the Kansas office of the secretary of state. Link directly to bankruptcy courts in Kansas district and see how to order information regarding filings, assets and liabilities.

Search online databases throughout the state of Kansas for valuable information adding to your background check report. Look up and verify professional licenses issued by Kansas agencies and associations individually. Search U.C.C. filings from the Kansas Secretary of State. Find out about sex offenders and inmate lists of incarcerated individuals in Kansas department of corrections. Order official birth, death and marriage certificates from the state Department of Health. Find genealogy and history data geographically for expansive research.

Viewing a list of best found resources online in Kansas to conduct public record searches will begin your search with helpful insight. If you are looking to conduct a complete background history search or just trying to obtain a single document you need held by an agency, PublicRecordCenter is a directory of the most current sites with do it yourself help, free electronic forms and easy to follow instructions.