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About Louisiana Public Records

With the purchase of Louisiana from France in 1803, the size of the United States more than doubled. Louisiana achieved statehood on April 30, 1812, becoming the eighteenth state admitted to the union. Louisiana is located in the southern region of the country and covers 43,560 square miles. The state's population is approximately four and half million people while New Orleans gets bragging rights for having the biggest city population. The capital of Louisiana is Baton Rouge. Louisiana is divided into sixty-four parishes, which could be compared with the county governments into which most states are organized. Nationally, Louisiana is represented by 2 Senators and 7 members in the House of Representatives. The Port of South Louisiana boasts the fourth largest shipping volume in the world.

Each state has enacted it's own public records act. In Louisiana, the law is known as the Louisiana Sunshine Law or Louisiana Public Records Act, and provides for transparency in the operation of the state government. Public records may be requested for any reason and there are no restrictions placed on the use of these public records. There is no primary custodian of public records in the state; therefore, public recorded documents may be requested from the state agency or organization which maintains the records.

PublicRecordCenter allows researchers speedy access to officially recorded documents and records through a well organized and easy to follow directory. The various state agencies that document and maintain state government records are available via direct links to their individual web sites. Information regarding how to view and request state data is detailed by the organizations charged with maintaining these records.

Criminal history information is maintained and documented by the Louisiana State Police, Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information. An authorization form to request a criminal background check is available online through the State Police web site. Procedural instructions for retrieving official records and service fees are also offered. For more local information, there are links to the various county sheriff's offices throughout the state.

The Louisiana Secretary of State presents an online search to locate business and corporation entity information. This database will provide information maintained through the documentation of state incorporation procedures. Various state boards and commissions which grant professional licenses also make verification information available, online in many cases. UCC filing records are maintained by each parish and can be accessed through the individual parish clerks of court. A search database for unclaimed property is offered online through the state treasurer's office.

Records of Louisiana court cases and dockets are typically maintained by the individual courts which make up the court system. These would include district, appellate, city and parish, bankruptcy, family, and supreme courts. Each court presents information on the various cases they adjudicate and the services offered. Most court case records are a matter of public record and may be accessed through the individual court involved in a particular judiciary process.

PublicRecordCenter is a vital tool in the process of sifting through information to locate the sought after public recorded documents and data. Researchers will find an organized presentation of links leading to a multitude of web sites offering the most up to date information available. PublicRecordCenter is a researcher's best friend in conducting any public record search.