Comprehensive Infomation About How to Find Maine Public Records

About Maine Public Records

Maine begun as part of Massachusetts and eventually became the 23rd state to join the Union on March 15, 1920. It is ranked 41st in populous in the U.S. with 1.3 million residents and 39th in land area with 35,380 square miles. Maine has sixteen counties and nearly 500 municipalities that act as local governments. Counties are Maine’s oldest form of government dating before its statehood and the Declaration of Independence. Counties have the only officials that are directly voted into office by residents. County commissioners are elected to a four year term and are responsible for policies and finances of their region. Other than its commissioners, county agencies include law enforcement, registry of deeds, treasurer, courts, district attorney and other local departments to serve residents.

Maine’s Freedom of Access Act (FOAA) applies to all state and local government agencies, departments and divisions. The FOAA statute guarantees access to Maine public records and proceedings. This offers the state’s voters a transparent government where anyone can request information from agencies for any reason. Officials are required to complete a training course regarding freedom of access laws. Penalties for violations of FOAA statutes can be imposed on an agency’s officer for up to $500.00. Statutory exceptions are written into law for confidential and non public information.

Maine public record searches are conducted for numerous personal and business purposes. Companies in Maine looking for additional personnel often conduct a background check of their new applicants. Many individuals order records and look into their own or someone else’s background history for personal reasons. A vital part of a Maine background search is recorded past criminal offenses. The Maine criminal history record request service provides its residents with conviction information, pending charges less than one year old and adjudication information of adult and juvenile violations from the Maine State Police, State Bureau of Identification. By accessing the state’s official criminal information site, you can place an order online with simply the name and date of birth of the subject.

Locating Maine assets requires accessing best resources available. View a list of Maine agencies where you can request recorded assets. The county registry of deeds provide full access to their databases showing images of documents from 1976 to present. Look up corporate filings to view business ownerships and details of entity showing status, corporate filings, certificate of existence and authentication services. Maine's allowance of public access to court electronic records of bankruptcies can reveal information of assets and liabilities.

Searching Maine public records can be for purposes of conducting a background search or an individual trying to find a single document. State and local agencies in Maine are custodians of many documents citizens are required to show from time to time. Marriage, birth and death certificates recorded in Maine from 1923 to present can be requested from the Department of Health and Human Services. Order transcripts of trials, divorces, and lawsuits. Verify a professional license by linking to each of Maine’s professional licensing boards. Public service online databases from the state of Maine can be searched to look into the most wanted lists, offender registries or inmates. View a directory of online resources providing information, "how to" instructions with free forms that will help you obtain Maine public records.