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Minnesota was the 32nd territory to become a state in May of 1858. There are 5.3 million residents in Minnesota making it the 21st most populous and ranking the 12th largest in total land area with nearly 87 thousand square miles. The state of Minnesota begun with 57 counties, the last county be formed was Lake of the Woods in 1923 bringing the current total to a count of 87 counties. Minnesota counties and municipalities act a form of local governments with elections of officials, offices and agencies.

The Minnesota Freedom of Information Act gives anyone living within the state and outside access to an open government. Requestors using the sunshine laws can obtain information of their Minnesota government affairs, practices, budgets and more. An official custodian/clerk is assigned to Minnesota departments providing public records to anyone without requiring a reason for the request.

In addition to government oversight and scrutiny by journalists and concerned citizen groups, residents of Minnesota request information for many other personal and professional needs. Background checks are conducted to screen new applicants or used for personal reasons to look into someone’s past. Criminal records can be obtained from the Minnesota Judicial Branch court records online and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). Get a printout of all criminal court cases of misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors or felonies. A background history investigation can be expanded by a case search of past divorces, lawsuits, judgments and juvenile matters. Other information involving a persons background history can be obtained by viewing a list of sites that offer records by department. Minnesota driver and vehicle services will verify the status of a driver’s license instantly online which can be used by employers and individuals. Court records can reveal past divorces occurring in Minnesota. Look up how to request records of trials resulting in judgments and liens with an official state court search.

Public record of Minnesota assets are held by its various multiple agencies. County assessors provide a real estate search under names or addresses to find ownership and property values. The Minnesota Secretary of State provides business ownership information detailing owners, date of filing, registered offices, entity type and status. By using the PACER system records to obtain personal and corporate bankruptcies, this can include information of assets and liabilities among other important data regarding finances. Access vehicle services of Minnesota to verify vehicle titles online.

Free and unlimited access to a list of sites can show you where the specific records you are seeking are kept. Expand your search further by accessing the Department of Health to order records of marriages, births and deaths occurring in Minnesota. Access a list of free person and address locator to search for previous residences inside or outside of Minnesota. Find out about residences in other states that will prompt a researcher to look outside Minnesota and its agencies.

Searching for Minnesota public records can be time consuming with dismal results without the proper tools or know how. Using a center for public record retrieval will show a researcher the best sources found in Minnesota to locate specific records with informative descriptions of their services. You will also be able to see what type of information is obtainable from which agency. View instructions with forms to make your requests from up to date sites with the most helpful information and searches.

Minnesota Public Records

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