Comprehensive Infomation About How to Find Missouri Public Records

About Missouri Public Records

Missouri gained statehood on August 1821 and was the first state west of the Mississippi River to enter the union. The state of Missouri is ranked eighteenth in the U.S. by population with approximately six million residents and twenty first in territory size with nearly seventy thousand square miles. 114 counties, one independent city and municipalities perform as smaller local governments of the state. Counties elect officials, operate local agencies and government responsibilities.

The Missouri state constitution enacted Open Records and Meeting Laws and guidelines in 1973. Similar to the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) signed into law seven years prior, the state government gives its residents access to government records, meetings, elections and affairs. Any member of the public can make a request of information from government agencies with exceptions of protected personal and confidential data. All government departments, local or state fall under the Missouri Sunshine Laws.

Public record requests by individuals in Missouri looking to uncover background information often begin with a people finder address query. Addresses, names and aliases are essential in finding out where to locate information under a person’s different names or businesses. List of residences located outside Missouri can point your investigation to look for records in other states necessary for a more complete background history report.

Criminal records can be obtained by the general public from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division. Obtain records of convictions, information of arrests within 30 days, charges filed by prosecutor pending final disposition from the courts and suspended imposition of sentence during probation. Criminal past of an individual is vital to pre employment screening or anyone looking to conduct background checks. Employers may require a history search as a condition to employment of new incoming personnel. Individuals also order background checks of themselves to see the information that can be found by others prior to applying for employment.

Checking a person’s history can be greatly expanded with searches other than simply looking up past criminal behavior. A court search of civil cases can reveal divorces, judgments, trials and lawsuits. Criminal case searches can list details of the case. The Missouri secretary of state offers filed UCC searches online instantly. Search bankruptcy information and filings in the Missouri Western and Eastern districts. Verify licenses of professionals prior to retaining the services of accountants, contractors and others by state boards certifications.

Locating Missouri assets such as real estate ownership can be obtained from the county recorder of deeds. Look up business ownerships by company name, registered agent or number and verify status by viewing corporate filings with the state. Researchers often need only one record to complete their investigation. A current and updated directory of Missouri state agencies and resources offered to the general public is an important initial step. Viewing a current and updated index of sources reveals which Missouri state agencies maintain the records you are seeking.

State records as well as city and county government records are held by separate venues in Missouri. There is no single source for all records. Researchers determined in obtaining complete comprehensive final results look in any and all possible sites. As most people looking for records are not familiar with their agencies, seeing where to access quality sites containing instructions, descriptions and free forms offered by PublicRecordCenter will offer many advantages.