Comprehensive Infomation About How to Find Montana Public Records

About Montana Public Records

Montana became the 41st state in the U.S. on the eight of November 1889. Ranked 44th in population with just under one million residents, the state is the 4th largest by territory size occupying over 145 thousand square miles. There are 56 counties with 2 consolidated cities. Montana counties function as local governments with elected officials and agencies serving its residents.

All of Montana’s state and local agencies fall under the Freedom of Information statutes giving the right to access government records and public meetings. The state’s public record act covers all records held by state and local agencies, public contracts, transcripts and government affairs including budgets and future planning. Any member of the general public for any reason can request information of their government agencies, department and divisions. Exceptions are outlined in Montana’s public records laws where the denial of records must follow specific guidelines.

Public record requests in Montana are submitted for many personal and business reasons. Montana background checks are conducted as a preliminary step in employment from many companies. Criminal records are an essential part of a Montana background search. Criminal history of felonies, misdemeanors or any other convictions recorded by law enforcement is available to the public from Montana’s Department of Justice. Uncover previous arrests, detentions, complaints, sentences and other information collected by criminal justice agencies. Personal background checks can be expanded to include locating assets such as real estate ownerships in Montana. Official government of Montana website gives free access to a parcel search showing property address, owners names and land description. Driving records are available from the Department of Justice, Motor Vehicle Division. Public users can search for driving history and verification of the a driver’s license. People locator and address searches can uncover aliases, middle initial, telephone numbers and residences outside Montana. Verify a professional license issued by the state directly from Montana’s department of labor and industry prior to retaining the services of accountants, contractors and many other state issued licensed individuals. The Montana Secretary of State business entity search provides information of a company status, officers, directors and other details filed with the agency. Electronic access to court records from Montana’s judicial system covers divorces, judgments, lawsuits, criminal case filing and trials. Vital records from the department of public health and human services can be requested online. Find out how to obtain certified copies of Montana births and deaths.

The government of Montana holds many records we seek on a regular basis. Recordings held by the state’s agencies are not advertised to the general public. Searching for documents can be challenging for persons not familiar with Montana’s agencies and their practices. Many residents are not aware of the various instant searches that are offered by Montana and its local agencies. Many instant free searches accommodate public safety such as offender and wanted lists.

Beginning your search for Montana’s recorded documents with PublicRecordCenter can offer advantages by listing best found sources and descriptions found online. View a directory of Montana departments and divisions to see where to access the information you are trying to locate.