Comprehensive Infomation About How to Find Nebraska Public Records

About Nebraska Public Records

The state of Nebraska was the 37th state to enter the Union on March 1st, 1867. With a population of over 1.8 million residents, Nebraska is the 38th most populated state in the United States and 16th largest by territory size with over 77 thousand square miles. There are 93 Nebraska counties operating as local governments with elected officials, courts and its various agencies.

The Nebraska Public Record Statutes guarantee transparency of government agencies, officials, policies, meetings and records. All state and local agencies fall under the open records statutes where any member of the general public can make a request for information. Statutes also outline exceptions where denying the request for records are not solely at the discretion of the agency or its officials. Quasi government agencies having ties such as contracts with the state may also fall under the open records laws. Many Nebraska requests of public information are for the oversight of government affairs by investigating journalists or organized concerned citizen groups. Nebraska public records are also requested on a regular basis from agencies for personal needs.

Conducting a Nebraska background check requires numerous essential public records held by state and local agencies. An important part of a background check is the criminal records search. The Nebraska State Patrol provide record of arrest and prosecution (RAP) sheet. Obtain records of felonies, misdemeanors, infractions and violations occurring in Nebraska. Driving records are required by some Nebraska employers as a prerequisite when hiring new personnel. The official Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles site provides a venue where to order driving records, status of drivers license and history of traffic violations. Instantly verify licenses issued by the state of Nebraska to medical personnel, contractors, attorneys and other professionals online by profession and board membership.

Locating Nebraska assets using public records can be accomplished by accessing agencies holding recorded documents. The county register of deeds is responsible for the maintaining property information along with various types of liens, UCC filings and original instruments. Business ownerships are assets that can be searched with a corporation and entity query of the Secretary of State’s database online. View a list of other web sites that reveal assets on the PublicRecordCenter directory of links.

Residents of Nebraska often look to obtain a single document for personal needs. Birth records are required for documentation of identification. Birth records along with death certificates, marriages and divorce decrees are held at the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Court records from circuit and county courts can show civil cases, criminal cases, judgments and settlements of a case. Regardless of your purposes for looking and trying to locate records, finding the proper sources that are current and updated can offer many advantages. Comprehensive directories can help guide to where records are located in city, county or state departments. Official Nebraska web sites with forms, instructions and “how to” help are listed for persons not familiar with individual agency procedures. Access best sources online without browsing endlessly looking for the proper site. Expand your searches to include information you may have not been aware were available to the general public.