Comprehensive Infomation About How to Find Nevada Public Records

Nevada Public Records

Nevada was the 36th state to enter the union on October 31, 1864. Nevada is the 35th most populous state in the United States with 2.7 million residents and the 7th largest territory with over 110 thousand square miles. The state began with only 9 counties established by the territorial legislature. The last county to be established was Humboldt in 1919, bringing the present total to 16 counties. Nevada counties function as localized forms of governments holding their own elections, passing ordinances and operate many agencies serving residents.

The Nevada Open Records Act was passed into law as early as 1911. This law gives members of the public the right to inspect documents and records held by the state and local governments. Anyone without being asked a reason can request any information of their government. All of Nevada’s agencies must follow these transparency laws and can turn down applicants only by written statute’s exceptions. Request for records are made on a regular basis from individuals and businesses looking for information.

Nevada background checks are comprised of many public records of a person’s history. Criminal record searches are an essential part of any background check. The Nevada Department of Public Safety conducts a criminal history search of felonies and misdemeanors. Find out how to access criminal histories by linking directly to the department web services. Certain Nevada businesses require new applicants to present a driving record when applying for a new position. Official Nevada driving records from the Department of Motor Vehicles can be obtained online which shows a three year or a 10 year history. Access Nevada district courts and look for divorces, judgments, juvenile matters and criminal trials. See all the records courthouses maintain and provide copies to the public.

Personal Nevada assets such as real estate and businesses owned are open to public inspection. The county assessors’ databases reveal ownership and other property details. An instant search of the Nevada Secretary of State’s entity database will list officers of the company, registered agent(s), location and financial information online without charge as a free service to Nevada residents. Obtain bankruptcy court records with the public access to court electronic records (PACER) system for official lists of assets and liabilities.

Find out how to obtain vital records kept and maintained by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services. Access free forms and instructions on how to order official marriage and divorce records from the county recorders offices. County recorders also maintain many records such as affidavits, liens and foreclosures that can be requested as public information. Searches regarding public safety are often free and instant. Look up registered offenders in an area, see the most wanted from the state and incarcerated inmates in the Nevada correctional system.

Looking for records without being familiar with Nevada’s state and local government structure and what is available to the general public can produce dismal results. Referencing a portal to quality sites containing free forms, instructions and online services, a search can begin with the best sources found online. PublicRecordCenter's directory of sources include descriptions of each agency and the information they supply.