Comprehensive Infomation About How to Find New Mexico Public Records

About New Mexico Records

New Mexico was the 47th in the United States to gain statehood on January 6th 1912. It is ranked 5th in territory size with over 121 thousand square miles and 36th in population with just over 2 million residents. The state of New Mexico has 33 counties serving its citizens as localized branches of government of the state. Counties elect officials and operate various agencies from law enforcement to maintaining recorded documents.

The New Mexico legislature wrote into law open records statutes (NMSA 1978) giving free access to government information. Many states adopted their own version of the Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) enacted in 1966. Open records statutes promote transparency of government affairs and their operations. Citizens, media and organizations request government information for purposes of government oversight. However, many New Mexico residents make request for public records based on personal reasons.

Businesses and residents alike utilize numerous public records to conduct New Mexico background checks. Companies looking for new personnel order background searches to check for any past criminal history, violations, driving history and other important information prior to hiring. Individuals can request background checks of themselves to see what others can obtain about their past.

New Mexico criminal records are generally amongst the most essential part of a background check. New Mexico Department of Public Safety offers state background checks online. Obtain a report from the state’s central repository of arrests of felonies, misdemeanors and driving under the influence violations. Find more past records by searching for criminal cases online using the state judicial system’s databases. Looking up court records can also find divorces occurring within the state. Instant case look up can find judgments, details of pending lawsuits and trials.

Locating New Mexico assets by using public information can reveal records such as property and business ownerships. Requests to see property records can reveal owners and value of the land. An instant entity search will provide information of officers, directors, dates and status of the company. Access to bankruptcy records using electronic services such as the PACER system will provide case information in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

Instant searches are available to the general public with online access regarding public safety issues. Look up offenders in an area when looking to relocate. Conduct an inmate search to see persons incarcerated in New Mexico. Most wanted lists showing names and photos of absconded offenders. UCC searches are free and instant with the secretary of state’s database that is open to anyone with online access. The New Mexico regulation and licensing department allows anyone to verify state licensed professionals before retaining their services. Conduct a search for addresses and see residences inside and outside the state of New Mexico where you may need to expand your search for a complete report.

Researchers and individuals not familiar with the state of New Mexico’s government agencies may find it challenging to locate sites and resources offered to the public. Directories specializing in listing best found web sites can show New Mexico’s departments you may need and are looking for. Find out where to obtain information you are seeking without endless browsing. Quality sources will provide forms you can download to make your request, information of how to request a specific record and help for anyone not familiar with a particular New Mexico record keeping agency.