Comprehensive Infomation About How to Find North Carolina Public Records

North Carolina Public Records

North Carolina is one of the original 13 colonies and was the 12th colony to become a state on November 21, 1789. Ranked 10th in the U.S. in population with 9.5 million residents and 28th in territory with nearly 54 thousand square miles. There are 100 counties in North Carolina and hundreds of municipalities such as cities, towns and villages. Counties in N.C. perform as a smaller localized branch of government having commissioners, law enforcement, elections and many other resident services through its agencies.

State and local North Carolina agencies perform many duties to serve its residents. Freedom of Information statutes gives people an inside look and transparency into their government affairs. A request for information from agencies does not require a purpose or exclude any member of the public in obtaining records. Agencies, departments and divisions in N.C. receive requests for records on a regular basis. Citizens and groups request information to uncover internal affairs and meetings of their local and state governments to oversee and scrutinize how North Carolina agencies and officials operate.

Requests for records are also received by local and state agencies for personal reasons. Individuals looking for records such as birth or death certificates can obtain them directly from the North Carolina Public Health division. Businesses access public records to view background information of a prospective employee. Persons looking for employment can request background search of their own history to see what others can find. A crucial factor of a North Carolina background check is the criminal history record search. The N.C. department of Crime Control and Public Safety lists various background checks from the court system, Department of Corrections, State and Federal Bureaus of Investigation. Obtain records of charges and convictions from the state and local law enforcement agencies. Court case lookup can show past divorces, judgments and other lawsuits occurring within the state. Drivers looking to order their own driving records required by their future employers can obtain an official driver’s record or abstract from the division of motor vehicles.

Locating personal assets such as real estate and businesses in North Carolina are made available to the public. County register of deeds offers an index of recordings for anyone with online access to search and view property information. Business entity searches from the Secretary of State will show company information, corporate office, principal office, officers, stock value and status. Lookup names involved in bankruptcies, debtors, creditors and more by requesting case details electronically.

Databases offering instant searches can be valuable to any research, investigation or just verifying information. Looking up addresses also known as a "people searches" will list previous and the most current residences found. Find all addresses prior to beginning your search and see where to conduct your searches. Data of inmates, the state’s most wanted and registered offenders are free and easily accessible to anyone in North Carolina. Verify licenses online before retaining services of a registered professional.

Beginning a search with the best found resources results in a cost effective way of obtaining a complete final report. By viewing what is available in North Carolina, a background search of an individual can be customized to fit various needs. Access a directory of the most up to date and current links to official state government records and see where to obtain essential background data.