Comprehensive Infomation About How to Find North Dakota Public Records

About North Dakota Public Records

North Dakota was the 39th territory to become a state on November 2nd, 1889. It is one of the least populated states with only 672,000 residents in approximately 70,000 square miles ranking it 19th in size and 48th in population. There are 53 counties in North Dakota serving its residents with fire departments, police, clerks, courts and other departmental agencies.

The state’s open records law was passed giving people access to government information. Records held by North Dakota agencies are open to the public in a timely and cost effective manner. Statutes have outlined exceptions and rules taking away discretion of providing information from agency personnel and officials. Any member of the public can request documents from all state and local North Dakota agencies without having to give a reason. As North Dakota agencies maintain many official records, it is imperative for the public to have access to information and recorded documents.

The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) provides criminal record history searches for individuals and companies looking to conduct a background check. A search of criminal histories can reveal charges, convictions and prison sentences. Any prospective employee looking for employment in North Dakota can order a background search of their own history to view and scrutinize what others can see. Licensed drivers seeking employment with companies that require driving history can obtain the proper official information from the Department of Transportation drivers license record request system. Easily order and secure your driving record through online sources. Public safety and law enforcement organizations provide free instant information of North Carolina’s registered offenders, most wanted and incarcerated inmates.

Real estate and business ownerships can be part of an asset search using publicly held records. The county recorders in North Dakota maintain deeds, mortgages, judgments, liens, sale certificates and other records relating to assets. Lookup corporation details from the North Dakota Secretary of State showing the address, registered agent, status, managing partners and other filed information. Bankruptcy court case proceedings are digitally recorded and can be requested directly from the state’s district site. Look up various boards and commissions to verify professional licenses. Obtain a list of all addresses found under the searchee’s name. Use multiple listed sources to look for addresses under a name and expand the search with better coverage for more complete results.

Vital records in North Dakota can be obtained from the Department of Health where official certificates of births, marriages, deaths, annulment and divorces are maintained. See how to order the single record you are seeking online or just conduct an instant search of the state’s death index. Access the state judicial web sites and see where to order court records in different venues. Lookup criminal cases, divorce proceedings and other civil trials in North Dakota.

By using PublicRecordCenter researchers and private individuals can begin their search for public records with the advantage of seeing which state or local agency maintains the information sought, with one directory. A current and updated list of sources that provide official records us helpful to anyone with or without being familiar with the state’s agencies.