Comprehensive Infomation About How to Find Oregon Public Records

Oregon Public Records

Oregon is located in the Pacific Northwest part of the United States. There are 36 counties statewide with local governing duties and services. State and local agencies provide information upon request as one of its many responsibilities. Residents of Oregon by statute have the right to access any information deemed public record. The law outlines what is and is not considered public information leaving department officials without the authority and discretion of which records to provide. The purpose of open record statutes, also know as "state sunshine laws" is to promote transparency of government affairs, meetings, finances and operations. An accessible and open government allows concerned groups, media and any member of the public to oversee corruption and abuses by state and local officials. Statutes also provide that records shall be open to anyone without requiring a reason. Quasi government agencies or companies contracted by the government can also fall under open record acts.

Many Oregon public records are requested for personal and business reasons on a regular basis. Criminal records in the state of Oregon are open and considered public information. The state police public records unit conducts criminal history searches for businesses as well as individuals. Reports can include convictions and any record of arrests less than one year old in without acquittal or dismissal. The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles provides instructions on how to obtain driving records. See the various and the most efficient methods of ordering official driving records directly from the department. The Oregon Judicial Information Network offers important information for an expanded search revealing divorces, past lawsuits, judgments, criminal trials and other filings in state and circuit courts.

Researchers and private individuals in many instances look for a single document not requiring full comprehensive background check. Native residents of Oregon may be required to show a birth certificate for identification purposes to obtain a passport, death records are necessary to close accounts of the deceased or marriage certificates for documentation. The state of Oregon’s department of health and human services shows the public how to obtain official certified copies of births, deaths, marriages and divorces occurring within the state.

Access to records with the advantage of online sources has greatly improved efficiency and the time spent trying locate even the most difficult and hard to find public information such as assets. However, anyone not familiar with Oregon’s agencies can find it challenging and time consuming locating the proper sources. Using a site such as PublicRecordCenter which operates with the main goal of finding records can reveal sites not easily found online. View a directory of quality web sites with “how to” guidance, instructions and forms to help with your search.