Comprehensive Infomation About How to Find Utah Public Records

Utah Public Records

Public records are key in finding and conducting background checks. Companies in Utah order background searches on a regular basis to uncover criminal records of a prospective employee. As a precaution, individuals also request a self background check to see what is made public and can be obtained about them. Criminal records are available from the Utah Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Criminal Identification. Find out how to obtain a copy of another person’s criminal history. See instructions to retain an official B.C.I. report of your own adult and previous juvenile record. The UT D.P.S. lists tips regarding expungement of your criminal history.

See how to begin your search for a complete statewide background check to locating a single hard to find record. Get tips and instructions with the most current resources found online. Access a directory that lists quality links with free forms to request official certificates, recorded documents directly from the agency maintaining the specific record you are seeking without conducting a full search. Access a list of free people locator sources showing addresses and reverse searches uncovering names under same residences. Addresses outside Utah’s borders will point your search to expand to other states where records may be hidden from a statewide report.