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Alaska law allows any member of the public to request and receive criminal background checks conducted by the state department of public safety with a name search or fingerprinting. Birth records within 100 years and deaths, marriages, or divorces within 50 years are strictly confidential to the general public, but official certificates can be ordered from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Alaska's state and county divisions have opened many of their services to the public over the internet with forms, self help and instructions. A signed release is required when requesting another drivers' record, parents can request their children's records without the same restriction. Businesses can obtain releases for pre-employment purposes and conduct an independent background search to fit their needs. About Alaska Public Records

Alaska Public Records and Court Information

Alaska is the largest state in the U.S. with over 570 thousand square miles with only 640 thousand residents. The state of Alaska does not have counties, the most populated areas are called boroughs. Unlike other states where the entire state is divided into counties or parishes, as in the case of Louisiana, Alaska's boroughs do not cover all of the land area. Alaska's capital is Juneau with a population of over 30,000 residents and is the location of the governor's office and the state legislature.

Background checks can be requested from the Alaska Department of Public Safety, Criminal Justice Information Central Repository, which conducts both name and fingerprint based searches. Department of Motor Vehicles puts forth instructions for requesting your own driving records which may be required by employers or for personal information, see how to obtain your child's driving records and the proper authorizations required for an employee's driving history.

Public Searches. Conducting a search from one department to another allows visitors to view policies and qualification to obtain records of others. Individuals requesting records of themselves with generally have an easy process to follow.

Alaska trial court cases can be accessed instantly using the court view search database to look up the status of the case, charge or case description, plaintiff and defendant names. See the up coming cases with an instant online calendar search. Self help resources are available when representing yourself for issues regarding several different areas of the law such as family and domestic issues, guardianship, probate, landlord and tenant, small claims and appeals.

Alaska Statewide Public Records

What is the process for someone who is arrested in Alaska to go through the jail and court system?

If you get arrested in Alaska, you would go to jail at the Anchorage Correctional Complex. You would go to court at the Anchorage Courthouse.

What publicly accessible records can be obtained from the Alaska Library?

You can find public records in Alaska libraries. The Alaska State Library, which is part of the Alaska State Library, Archives, and Museum, has a variety of public records available for research. These include state and federal government documents, court records, land records, and other records related to Alaska's history and culture.

What are the requirements for obtaining vital records from Alaska, and what information is provided in the records?

The Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics is responsible for issuing vital records, such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce decrees. To obtain a vital record, you must submit a completed application form, along with a valid photo ID and the applicable fee. The application form can be found on the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics website. The vital records include the following information: -Name of the person on the record -Date and place of birth, death, marriage, or divorce -Names of parents or spouse -Address of the person on the record (if available)

Where is the best place to locate police reports in Alaska?

Police reports in Alaska can be obtained from the Alaska State Troopers Records and Identification Bureau.

What information is typically included in a Alaska background check?

A background check in Alaska typically includes a search of criminal records, driving records, and credit reports. Depending on the type of background check, it may also include a search of employment history, education history, and professional license verification.