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Free and easy to use direct official Arizona government links to driver license and registration sources. Register your vehicle, get your tags, obtain the history of a vehicle. Online forms and processing from your computer anywhere. You can also see the status of your applications at anytime online without having to call the clerk. Locations, hours and office information are also available online.

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Arizona Vehicle Registration and Titling

  • Vehicle Registration Renewal
    Begin your renewal by clicking on this link and following instructions step by step. Simple and easy to use anytime.
  • Commercial Permits online
    Obtain your Commercial Permits online for Oversize Mobile Home Single Trip Class A Permit, Oversize Single Trip or 30 Day Class A Permit, Single Trip Registration, Motor Carrier, Use Fuel Permit, 30, 60, 90 Day Registration or 30, 90, 180 Use Fuel Permit.
  • Vehicle Inspections
    Answers to your questions. Information for types of vehicle inspections and fees. How to apply for a restored salvage title, where to go to get an inspection on a vehicle and more.
  • Duplicate Vehicle Registration
    Get a copy of the registration document for your vehicle. Easy to use resource online at anytime.
  • Duplicate Month Tab - Online Request
    Request a single month tab if lost, stolen or damaged tab for a vehicle that you currently own or lease.
  • Motor vehicle record
    Driver License Motor Vehicle Record - 39 Month Uncertified or Title and Registration Motor Vehicle Record request. Simple and easy to use online source.
  • Request insurance verification
    Before you start list and easy online source to verify insurance. You begin by entering the vehicle information and follow few simple steps from your computer.
  • Order your personalized and/or specialty plate
    Order the plate you wish. Check and see if the personalized plate you are seeking is available without fee. Get personalized plate ideas free.
  • Vehicle sold notice
    Use this online source if you have sold your motor vehicle. Simple and easy to use with the Vehicle ID Number (VIN) and Customer/Driver License Number.
  • Plate Refund
    Determine a Plate Refund by simply entering plate number, Customer/Driver License and following few other instructions. Available free online anytime.
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Arizona DMV Forms and Manuals

  • Official government forms you can download, view or print from you computer free without having to go the department location or waste time by being placed on hold to speak to a clerk. Find out about procedure and rules, statues and more by visiting the agency's official website. Contact information with telephone numbers and officesis also available if further live assistance is necessary by speaking to an employee of the department/agency. There are no fees to view and obtain numerous forms with how to guidelines. Free links to guidance for vehicle and license issues.

  • Forms
  • Forms & Publications Online
    Access 185 forms from the motor vehicle division of the Arizona Department of Transportation. Most forms can be filled in on the screen. Search by Form Name or Form number, sort by Category or simply view all forms page by page.
  • Insurance Requirement Exemption
    Vehicles temporarily not being used, you can apply with a De-Insured Certificate - Online Submission. Quick and easy to use free form.
  • Emissions Exemption Form
    (Code 52) - Arizona Department of Air Quality
    Vehicle Emissions Exemption is issued for vehicles registered outside of an emissions control area, but within zip codes which include emissions testing.
  • Affidavit of Affixture
    Arizona Department of Revenue
    For a mobile home that is permanently affixed to real property of the owner.
  • Sales/Excise Tax Liability
    Information sheet explaining the sales and excise tax liability for a vehicle that is registered in Arizona after being issued a 90-Day Nonresident Registration Permit.
  • Fuel Tax Refunds
    Refunds are available for Arizona State tax paid on fuel that is for Used for off-highway purposes (diesel), Motor vehicle fuel used in non-taxable manner (gasoline), Excess diesel fuel purchased in Arizona and used in another IFTA jurisdiction Sold by vendors to qualifying vehicles Sold by bulk exempt use class vehicles Exported to another state.
  • Kelly Blue Book
  • Manuals for drivers licenses
  • Arizona Driver License Manual
  • Commercial Driver License Manual
  • Motorcycle Operator Manual
  • Hazardous Materials section of CDL Manual - 40-7802B
  • School Buses section of CDL Manual - 40-7802C

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