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Free and easy to use direct Arkansas official government links to driver license and registration sources. Register your vehicle, get your tags, obtain the history of a vehicle. Online forms and processing from your computer anywhere. You can also see the status of your applications at anytime online without having to call the clerk. Locations, hours and office information are also available online.

Arkansas Drivers License

  • Driving Records
    How to obtain a driving records. Instructions and general information. Where to see to speak to a Hearing about your driving record. Guidelines and regulations on how to obtain another person's driving record.
  • Driver Licensing and Examination
    Regular schedule of driver’s license testing in each of the troop counties. Study guides are available. Test sites and times.
  • Arkansas Revenue Offices
    Lost my Arkansas driver's license/identification card. Locations and contact information.
  • Graduated Drivers Licenses
    Information regarding drivers license for persons between the ages of 14 and 18. Learners license, intermediate license and regular license. Guidelines regulations from the state's agency.
  • Commercial Driver Alcohol and Drug Testing Database
    Employers of Arkansas commercial drivers can search the Arkansas Commercial Driver Alcohol and Drug Testing Database prior to hiring a commercial driver. Required registration, Employers, Medical Review Officers, Service Providers and more.
  • Accident report
    Fillable form online SR-1. Safety responsibility contact link. Financial Responsibility after accident how to and information.
  • DUI, DWI, Court Orders, Violations
    Information directly from Arkansas state agency. Reinstatement fee information.
  • Insurance Verification Procedures
    Manual for procedures. Program overview, requirements, reporting process, office contact information and more.
  • Insurance Verification Application
    Arkansas insurance company application. Contact information and form.
  • Insurance Verification Reporting
    Vehicle specific paper reporting form, and Non-vehicle specific paper reporting form.

Arkansas Vehicle Registration and Titling

  • Renew Vehicle Tags
    Streamline Auto Renewal STAR. How to renew previously issued car tags by phone, internet or mail. Quickest and most efficient way to renew.
  • New and Used Vehicle Registration
    Instructions and information for title and registration. Obtain an Application for title. Document requirements to register and title a new or used vehicle.
  • Replacement Titles
    Requirement to apply listed step by step. Permission to issue a replacement title form #10-315. Title application form for out of state applicants that can be downloaded directly from the web.
  • Registration fees
    Link to find out costs of registering passenger cars and motorhomes, trucks and vans, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles (ATV), mobile/manufactured homes and other miscellaneous title fees.
  • Bill of Sale Instructions
    Credit for sale of used Vehicle.
  • Arkansas Revenue Offices
    Locate the nearest Arkansas Revenue Office. Contact information, telephone number, hours of operation and address with fax numbers and other information such as manager's name and more.
  • Motor vehicle accident report
    For reporting accidents which result in property damage of any one person in excess of $1000.00 or in bodily injury to or in the death of any one person. Additional information such as who must file the report, help with filling out the report and more.
  • Vehicle Title, Registration and Lien Search
    Information for Titles, Registrations and Liens Interactive Search, Traffic Violation Reports, Crash/Accident Records and more. Learn how to obtain the records available online.

Arkansas DMV Forms and Manuals

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