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Aurora, Colorado is known for its diverse population, its vibrant arts and culture scene, and its proximity to Denver. The Aurora City Council is composed of nine members, including the Mayor, who are elected at-large to serve four-year terms. The Council is responsible for setting policy, approving the budget, and enacting laws and ordinances. Below are direct public records resources that can help you find the most up-to-date information.
  • City of Aurora
    Directory of Aurora city records and information

  • Aurora City Clerk
    Public records information and resources
    15151 E. Alameda Parkway, First Floor
    Aurora CO 80012
    Phone: (303) 739-7094
    Fax: (303) 739-7520

  • Aurora Police Department
    Law enforcement services
    15001 E. Alameda Pkwy
    Aurora CO 80012
    Phone: (303) 739-6000

  • Aurora Fire Department
    Fire and emergency services
    15151 E. Alameda Parkway
    Aurora CO 80012
    Phone: (303) 326-8999
    Fax: (303) 326-8986

  • Aurora Colorado Criminal Records Search and Depository
    Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
    Internet Criminal History Check System (ICHC)
    KT International, Inc.
    20 Westbrook Street
    East Hartford, CT 06108
    303-239-4208 for 24 hour assistance

  • Aurora Colorado Official Criminal History Background Check
    Colorado Department of Public Safety - Division of Criminal Justice
    700 Kipling Street, Suite 1000 - Denver, CO 80215
    Phone: (303) 239-4442 Fax: (303) 239-4491

  • Center for Missing & Exploited Children
    Quick search for missing children, sex offenders, Amber alerts, records and more public information.

  • Search For Inmates And Escapees
    Colorado Department of Corrections
    2862 South Circle Drive
    Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906-4195
    Telephone: (719) 579-9580
    FAX: (719) 226-4755
    Email: Executive Director: