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Background information searches are being conducted for purposes beyond employment. See how and why a background search is beneficial when you will be or already are involved with others. More and More background checks are being used for personal relationships of all types. Know what to look for when seeking records on your own or ordering a search with a service to fit your personal needs.

Why Conduct a Date or Mate Background Check?

As many new personal relationships begin with others, a background check can answer questions you have of your potential mate, potential mate of a loved one, friend or any other persons you would be involved with.

Be better informed about the person you before you meet. Check and/or verify information on persons even if you have already met. Take precautions with information that can reveal information you not obtain without a background search.

You can seek criminal records, property information, Judgments, Liens and UCC Records, Property Records, Articles and Newswires, Bankruptcies, Aliases and Maiden names, Civil Court Records, Marriage/Divorce Records, Business Records, Asset Searches, Licenses and more.


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