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What are some important basics I should know about background checks?

Here are a few helpful hints to conducting background checks. Begin with a comprehensive address and residency search. This is crucial since many Background Checks are conducted statewide, meaning the search is conducted within one state only. If you are searching a particular state only, records criminal or civil will generally not appear. Therefore, the address and residency search can assist you with which states to search. Some residences many only be under relative's or spouse's names and not the searchee. These states can be important to search also if you have reason to believe that your searchee may have resided with others. If there are many states, it may be more cost effective to conduct a Nationwide Background Search.

Some records are not available online. However, records not available via internet can be obtained directly from the Courthouse/Agency and so on with a few easy steps. You can visit and select the state, county and type of record you are seeking. Many links are direct sources to the Courthouse/Agency website that can provide the record by regular or express mail. Using can save you time and hassle when searching for which agency to contact. For example, in some instances birth, death, marriage records are held by vital records offices and in other instances they can be held by the county recorder's office, the courthouse or unapparent venues. By visiting you can select the type of record and see the agencies that hold the record(s) you are seeking, plus a list of private companies that can also provide the record in an easy and expedited manner.

Updated databases.

Recent updating of information is important for a comprehensive search. Some databases can take months to add updated information. This can occur due to new regulations, agency limitation, simply not being cost effective among other reasons. In these cases, the searchee may have recent information you would be interested in obtaining, however this may not appear for a period of time. This is an important aspect to consider when relying to verify and/or obtain specific records. You may look into updating frequency prior to placing your order by contacting the company conducting the search. Note that different records can have varying updates, ask for coverage dates for the specific record you are most interested.

Background checks can be confidential and the searchee you are considering will not be informed of your inquiry. Many records are public information and available to anyone of the general public. Public information can be useful and informative depending on the information you are seeking and/or the purpose of your search. A background check can also be the beginning of your inquiry. You can start with records that show property ownership information. This record can reveal information other than property ownership and value. It can also show spouse's name and joint ownerships, trust name, residency duration and amount of loan. Other records can reveal addresses not appearing anywhere else. Voter registration can show searchee's age. These are just a few examples of what can be achieved by simply searching public records.


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