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Background checks are not only for an individual's criminal background. See how and why a background checks can be useful for commercial purposes. Obtain company information as you would a background check for a person. Business information that is available instantly with ease. Financial information, DBA filings, ownership and many other records that will reveal information of corporate, sole proprietor, contractors and other commercial related issues.

Why a business background check?

Make better informed decisions with Business Background Check that can offer invaluable information.

You can search an individual or by the company name. Whether you are looking for a partner, an officer, to merge with a company, investing in a particular business, looking for DBA, or simply looking to obtain information for personal or other purposes, you can benefit greatly by obtaining vital information.

There are many purposeful uses to business background checks, you can conduct one to obtain information and records pertaining to your specific needs. Get financial, ownership information, active or inactive status, other affiliations, agent of service, number of employees and credit line of corporations, sole proprietor, LLP, LLCs, contractors and more.


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