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Free and easy to use direct official California government links to driver license and registration sources. Register your vehicle, get your tags, obtain the history of a vehicle. Online forms and processing from your computer anywhere. You can also see the status of your applications at anytime online without having to call the clerk. Locations, hours and office information are also available online.

California Drivers License

  • New Drivers
    Driver License information for persons over 18. Provisional driver permit and license information for persons under 18. Application requirements, california identification (ID) card information.
  • Driver License Internet Renewal
    Step by step how to and requirements. Payment options. Online change of address. Internet renewal FAQs.
  • Lost or stolen driver license or identification (ID)
    How to apply for duplicate driver license or identification (ID) card. Application forms. Duplicate fees. Information and instructions for changing your name on your driver license or ID card. Guidelines and instructions.
  • Driving/DMV records requests
    How to get a copy of DMV records. Get your own, your spouse's or someone else's driver license ID card, vehicle or vessel record. Simple steps with forms, fee and record information.
  • Pay your traffic ticket online.
    California court traffic information self help. Options for handling citations, extensions, request traffic school and information by county.
  • Teen Drivers
    Safety information. Provisional driver license restrictions. Sample tests, how to pass the drive test and make an appointment online.
  • Senior Drivers
    Information for your diver license, Identification cards, getting around, driving school, safety and field offices, self assessment and other information.
  • Changes and Corrections to your drivers license
    Free and easy simple steps. How to apply by mail, in person or internet. Change your name, notify DMV of the change of address and more.
  • Driver License Information
    Make Appointment(s). Videos, requirements, fees, publications, driver safety information. Bicycle rules. Occupational licensing and more online services.

California Vehicle Registration and Titling

  • Online Renewal of Vehicle Registration
    How to register your vehicle online. Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice Lost or Not Received. Smog Information.
  • Changing Vehicle Ownership
    Checklists for Vehicle Registration. Items needed by the DMV to transfer ownership to your name.
  • Buying or Selling a Vehicle
    Requirements for buying your vehicle, selling a vehicle and protecting your liability. Title transfer. Car buyer's bill of rights. Buying an out of state vehicle. Smog requirements. Family transfers, vehicles as gifts or inheritance. Lien sales. What to do after paying your loan off. Vehicle registration forms. Lemon law buyback vehicles.
  • Vehicle Registration and Title Information
    Annual vehicle registration payment and fees. List of the various fees. Online fee calculator.
  • Paying registration fees without having the smog inspection
    Pay all applicable renewal fees on or before the current expiration date. DMV telephone number and hours. Late applications for original registration.
  • Proof of Insurance to Register My Vehicle
    Insurance Requirements For Vehicle Registration. How much insurance is required. Providing proof if insurance. Registration suspensions. Financial responsibility FAQs. Low cost insurance program and more.
  • Vehicle Registration links
    Vehicles Never Registered in California. Register to vote. Brochures. Industry tools. Alternative fuel vehicles. Disabled Person Parking Placard/Plates. Salvage/Junked Vehicles and many other helpful free links.
  • License Plates
    California License Plates, Decals, and Placards. Order Special Interest and Personalized Plates Online. Special Interest License Plates, Special Interest Motorcycle License Plates. Replacing Plates and Stickers. Veterans and Military Personnel Information and more.
  • Registered or Non-Operational status
    Annual Registration. Registered vs. Non-Operational. Filing non-operational status.

California DMV Forms and Manuals

California DMV Misc. Links and FAQs