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How do I conduct a proper and inclusive background check and benefit the most from my results.

    Considering the purpose of your search can direct you to the proper Background Check to conduct. Needs can vary from preemployment screening of individuals, tenant applicants and criminal record searches for various purposes.

    Background Checks can reveal many types of records. It is uncertain what records will appear before conducting the search. Following are some records that are commonly searched. Coverages and records available for retrieval can vary greatly.

    Comprehensive Background Checks.

    As we search to obtain as many records as possible, we should consider the purpose of the search. A full and comprehensive background search can include hundreds of records, some of which may not interest you or serve your needs. Background checks can vary greatly, national, statewide, county, local and even international searches are available. However, the cost of the background search can increase as the search is greater in scope or in type of records being sought. National searches for example can cost substantially more than simply a statewide search of the same quality. Some searches require the Background Check company to send a person to the courthouse and personally to retrieve records not available via internet. Most companies allow you to search records you are only interested in and saving you the greater cost of unwanted searches. In one example, marriage and divorce records are not important to most employers interested in hiring staff. However, consider that some may not think that a civil search is necessary for a contractor being hired, only the license and experience will be sufficient. The lawsuit search in this instance can show you how often the contractor you are about to hire has been sued. If unsure between too many records or not enough, contemplate searching for more records than necessary, thereafter omit any records you deem not important. Have the comfort that you did not leave out possible important information otherwise.

    Criminal Record Searches.

    Criminal Record Checks are frequently searched. Criminal cases can appear in local, county, state or federal courts. Offenses can also vary greatly, such as felony, misdemeanors, infractions, traffic violations and so on. You may not be able to obtain the complete file by searching online, however, your online Background Check can be a great preliminary search which can provide you with a case number, violation number or code and more depending the state. Thereafter you can proceed by contacting the court of jurisdiction if you need more information. In many instances you can view or copy the file at the courthouse. Court clerks or other personnel can be helpful in assisting and obtaining the court's records. It is important to be familiar and know the source of the criminal record. For example, if the criminal records are obtained from correction records, generally only criminal records that result in a conviction and time served will appear. Coverages should also be considered. A statewide database may not cover all counties and/or localities. This is essential if your searchee resides in a county not covered.

    Judgments, Liens and UCC Records.

    Background checks can reveal judgments, a judicial decision given by a judge or court. Most records will show parties, amount of judgment and other information as well. This can include business transactions as well as personal cases. Other information such as if the action has been satisfied, fulfilled, still open or its results can also appear.

    Property Records.

    This search can reveal ownership, deed transfer, mortgage records, tax assessor records, amount of loan and loan company/agency and if property is held in a trust and recorded as such. Property information such as size and description also generally appear. In some cases, ownership can reveal if the searchee is co-owner with their spouse or any other persons. Ownership by and LLC, corporation or company can also be uncovered.

    Articles and Newswires.

    Useful information can also be found in periodicals and news articles. For example arrests alone generally do not appear in criminal record searches. Various articles can describe incidents where the searchee was involved. Articles can also offer information regarding companies and their affiliates. Noteworthy accomplishments and academic honor lists as well as recent graduations, births, marriages, obituaries, bankruptcies and much more can be uncovered with an article and news search.


    With many personal and business bankruptcies being filed, this search can be essential. Petitioner, filing date, filing location and status information can be obtained by searching bankruptcy records. In some instances assets and liabilities can appear within the record.

    Address/people locator.

    This search is vital in the preliminary stage of the background check. A comprehensive address search can tell you which state will have the most records. As many people move due to their careers, family and so on, the address history can direct you to the proper state to search. The last known address may not show the duration of the person's residency, therefore a recent move can have you searching a state where records do not yet exist. In cases where many residences have occurred in different states, a nationwide search can greatly maximize your results.

    Aliases and Maiden names.

    Most of us may not think that a comprehensive name search is important as we believe that many people do not have aliases. However, maiden and other married names can frequently be uncovered as a search is conducted. Only searching one name will once again limit your search and hinder achieving as much information as possible. Each name is a separate search and can be important as it is one of the essential criterias for searching for records. It is imperative to remember that providing as much information to the researcher can be crucial as searching under just the name will return many records not of intended searchee. For example, there are many by the name James Smith. This type of search requires to be narrowed greatly by the information you provide the researcher. Thereafter, the researcher can obtain more information in the course of the background check and provide a report that will yield records targeted to the intended searchee. Some uncommon names can also be held by more than one person, therefore, providing personal information can help narrow records as well.

    Civil Court Records.

    Civil record search can uncover various records such as Divorces and many other records that can stem from civil records, such as liens, judgments and other disputes resulting in courts. You can see if your prospective employee has filed suits, a doctor with a background of civil suits against them or lawsuits that involve failure to pay debts, evictions, small claims and more. A contractor you are considering may have a background of lawsuits against them. The lawsuit/court case search can include federal, state and local courts.

    Marriage Records

    Many services may and can provide Marriage records. Obtaining Marriage records vary from state to state. Some may be available online instantly and other may require you to contact an agency or department directly. Search for the source that can provide the marriage record you are seeking. In most cases the fees to obtain this record are minimal. Also, private services can provide marriage records or information depending on the state and/or county. A list of private services as well as the government agencies that can provide the marriage information are listed on

    Business Records.

    This search can reveal information that can be valuable. Income information and business credit information are generally made public and available for retrieval. You can see all partners, officers, registered agents and verify the position held by a particular searchee. View the businesses' past due and late payment history with a credit report. Reported income can also appear and be valuable information, not usually available when searching an individual's background. Find out if business is presently active or inactive. Uncover more information such as Civil suits, judgments, liens and many other records usually searched under a person's name can appear under the business name only. You would be able to see if an LLC, LLP, Corporation, DBA and other business has been filed by the searchee.

    Asset Searches.

    When searching for Assets, you have to consider what is public information and what is not made public and available for retrieval. Property records, business ownership for example are available to the public. However, bank accounts and stock portfolios are generally not available to the public or may require special provisions, court order, subpoena and so on. Searching a person's background can uncover real estate records, which are in many cases the largest asset held by an individual. You can also see if the property is under a trust, existence of a co-owner such as a spouse or relative, the loan amount and more. Some other records such as vehicle registrations, credit checks and so on may be available but only with a special purpose, searchee's consent or other requirements. Prior to conducting this search, review what the service covers as in most cases only public records are searched. You can view coverage information listed on many services' web pages or you can contact the customer service and request a list records that will be searched.

    Professional Licenses.

    Many professional licenses are public and available. Licenses for Attorneys, CPAs, Medical licenses and much more can be obtained via internet depending on the issuing agency/state or entity. You can not only verify the validation, you can also in some cases see your licensee's background, schooling, training, the duration of license held, expiration date, disciplinary actions and more. is constantly updating, adding links and sources to achieve the most extensive list of free public records for not only professional licenses, but all other available free databases open to the general public. Link to official websites for license lookup free and instantly anytime.

    Boat and Vessel registration.

    This information may not seem to be of great value by considering the heading alone. However, as many databases provide information for the sole purpose of a specific record, other information can also be obtained within the same record. Some registrations can show a spouse's name, age, address not found otherwise and more. Once again, information retrieved during a background check can be valuable in narrowing or expanding the search. You can also save the information and add criterias to a future search.