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The village of Dolton, Illinois was incorporated in 1892 and is located in Cook county. The nearest large city is Chicago, Illinois and Dolton's major airport is Chicago Midway International Airport.

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  • Village of Dolton
    Directory of Dolton village records and information

  • Village of Dolton Village Clerk
    Find village public records

  • Village of Dolton Fire Department
    14022 Park Avenue
    Dolton, IL
    Telephone: 708-849-2145
    Fax: 708-841-2863

  • Dolton Illinois Criminal Records Search and Depository
    Illinois State Police
    801 South Seventh Street
    P.O. Box 19461
    Springfield, IL 62794-9461
    Criminal History Form Requests (815) 740-5216

  • Dolton Illinois Official Criminal History Background Check
    Illinois Integrated Justice Information System
    300 W. Adams
    Suite 700
    Chicago, Illinois 60606
    Toll free: 1-888-425-4248 or 312-793-8550
    By e-mail:

  • Center for Missing & Exploited Children
    Quick search for missing children, sex offenders, Amber alerts, records and more public information.

  • Dolton Inmate Search
    Illinois Department of Corrections
    1301 Concordia Court
    P.O. Box 19277
    Springfield, IL 62794-9277


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