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Can I conduct free background checks, and what would I get?

Many records are made available to the public easily and instantly. We provided links to many free databases that vary from obtaining criminal information to civil records and license verification.

There are many databases that can offer free information online. By visiting public records portals like ours and viewing a vast list of records available online free and instantly without having to wait for a service's turn around time. In just one example, you can search for attorney license and disciplinary actions by simply clicking on the link and entering the attorney's name. Court records are in some cases available online instantly and free to the general public. Most wanted lists, self help centers, sex offender registry and many other useful and valuable sources are also available. These databases can generally be accessed with ease anytime. You can revisit as many times as you wish and seek more information. Some of the records available free may not appear in a paid background checks. You can also conduct your own search as a preliminary information base prior to placing an order. You may find that records you have obtain free are sufficient and you no longer need to pay and use a private service. You may not be aware of the numerous records that are made public.


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