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Free and easy to use direct official Montana government links to driver license and registration sources. Register your vehicle, get your tags, obtain the history of a vehicle. Online forms and processing from your computer anywhere. You can also see the status of your applications at anytime online without having to call the clerk. Locations, hours and office information are also available online.

Montana Drivers License

  • Efficient, cost-effective programs that benefit the interests, safety and well-being of Montana citizens through licensing, registering and regulating the motoring activities. Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Services are now available on the Internet. Customers can request driving records or research a vehicle's history online. Upon MERLIN being fully implemented, you will also be able to register vehicles online. You can also apply for a driver's license at any driver exam station, regardless of where in Montana you live. Quick Links to help you with your driving issues. Many other resources are also available to the public that free and easy to use with guidance and instructions. Official website, links and resources from Montana's Motor Vehicle Division.
  • Driver Licensing
    Free and easy to use resources for New Drivers, Learner's License, Graduated Driver Licensing, New Residents, Military Personnel and many other related sources.
  • Duplicate Licenses
    If you lose or misplace your driver's license, you may obtain a duplicate by following few easy instructions.
  • License Renewals
    Renewal Options and instructions to renew in person or by mail and other important information.
  • Commercial Driver Licensing
    Information for New and Out-of-State Applicants, Types and Classes of Commercial Licenses, Commercial License Endorsements, Hazardous Materials Endorsement, School Bus "S" Endorsement, Renewal by Mail and more.
  • Motorcycle Endorsement
    Motorcycles, motor scooters, three-wheel motorcycles, etc. Renewals in person or by mail. Other Resources such as Montana Motorcycle Rider Safety and National Motorcycle Safety Foundation.
  • New Drivers
    Individuals wishing to obtain a Montana driver's license.
  • New Residents
    Individuals with out-of-state licenses who wish to obtain a Montana driver's license.
  • Driver License Sanctions
    Examples of Driver License Suspension, Other Violations. rules, regulations and standards mandate that a driver's license is suspended for varied periods lasting from 30 days to one year (or in some cases, indefinitely). Driver License Revocation. Cancellation, Approved Traffic Schools and other important information.

Montana Vehicle Registration and Titling

  • Quick and easy to use links from the state's official website. For individuals or businesses and need to address titling and registration of motor vehicles matters. You can establish customer accounts. See provisions Registration if you are a new resident, non-resident or Military. Titling Provisions such as How to Title a Motor Vehicle instructions and information. Use the free sources below to find out about various types of vehicles. License plate renewals. Commercial, personal and recreational vehicles. How to look up liens, remove liens and more valuable information from your computer available at any time.
  • Vehicle Title and Registration
    Motor vehicles including motor homes; motorcycles and quadricycles; travel trailers; utility trailers; all-terrain vehicles; sailboats over 12 feet in length; motorboats, jet skis and other motorized vessels; and snowmobiles must be registered with the state. Registration and Titling Provisions. Corrections to a Title. Duplicate Titles. Bonded Titles information and instructions.
  • License Plates
    Title and Registration and the issuance of vehicle license plates. Standard Plates, Antique Plates, Original Montana Plates, Military Plates, Disabled Veterans, Fee Waivers for Veterans and Military Service Members, Sponsored Plates and Other Plates.
  • Commercial and Heavy Vehicle Registration and Fees
    Annual registration and Fee Schedule for Buses, Heavy Trucks and Truck Tractors and more information.
  • Boat, Personal Watercraft and Motorized Pontoon Registration and Fees
    Required Decals. Permanent registration. Motorboat (including Motorized Canoe and Motorized Rubber Raft) One-time Fees. Personal Watercraft and Motorized Pontoon One-time Fees.
  • Light Vehicle Registration and Fees
    12-month registration, 24-month registration and Permanent registration information.
  • Motorcycle and Quadricycle Registration and Fees
    Street-legal Motorcycle and Quadricycle One-time Fees. Permanent registration. Off-highway Motorcycle and Quadricycle One-time Fees.
  • Motor Home Registration and Fees
  • Snowmobile Registration and Fees
  • Trailer Registration and Fees
  • Travel Trailer Registration and Fees
  • Motor Vehicle Security Interests
    How to Have a Security Interest Removed from a Title. How to Find Out if a Security Interest is Filed on a Vehicle.

Montana DMV Forms and Manuals

  • Get forms for Driving Records, licensing, Miscellaneous and many other forms free and easy to obtain. Some forms contain form fields that can be filled in on-screen for convenience. You can also save forms or print without leaving for the departments location in person.
  • Forms
  • Driver Services Forms and Other Documents
    Fill/Save forms – Some forms contain form fields that can be filled in on-screen. You may fill the form in on your computer, save and print the completed form.
  • Commercial Driver License Manual
    A study guide to help beginning truck and bus drivers qualify for a commercial driver license.
  • Motorcycle Supplement
    A study guide to help new riders safely operate a motorcycle or scooter.

Montana DMV Misc. Links and FAQs

  • Find out about Montana Enhanced Registration and Licensing Information Network that revolutionizes the way motor vehicle and driver licensing services are provided in Montana. Obtain driving records and important details about your application for a driver license; the examination process; the subsequent issuance, denial, revocation, suspension or cancellation of a license; driver performance; and any other action taken in response to unsafe driver performance or other legal requirements.
  • Driving Records
    A driving record is a collection of information maintained by the Motor Vehicle Division. A record consists of information compiled in four major categories such as personal history information, licensing information, conviction/accident history, driver license sanctions.
  • Vehicle Search
    Available to the public and businesses.
  • Driver Exam Stations
    Rural Locations with Driver Exam Services, Rural Counties without Driver Exam Services, Driver Exam Station Schedule and other related important information.
  • Montana Enhanced Registration and Licensing Information Network (MERLIN) Project
    Vehicle Search where you can instantly search for and view vehicle record information including owner information, title history and registration information. Many of the services relating to driving in Montana can now be accessed on the web. Available to the public and to authorized businesses such as insurance agencies and trucking companies that routinely request large numbers of driving records.
  • Safety Topics:
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Seatbelt Use
  • Speed Limits