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Free and easy to use direct official New Hampshire government links to driver license and registration sources. Register your vehicle, get your tags, obtain the history of a vehicle. Online forms and processing from your computer anywhere. You can also see the status of your applications at anytime online without having to call the clerk. Locations, hours and office information are also available online.

New Hampshire Drivers License

  • All links below are official DMV links by the state of Alaska. Free and easy to use information without having to navigate through unrelated sites. Many services are available online from any computer without having to visit your local DMV office. No need to stand in lines awaiting a clerk's attention. Links below can be a great source to many DMV services and information whether you are seeking to register your vehicle, obtain duplicate title or other documents. In Addition, you can access drivers license matters and issues such as renewal, first time applicant/driver. Other services include title information and history that can reveal information about a vehicle you are interested in purchasing. Employers can benefit from linking and ordering drivers history on an individual or a prospective employee. No cost to access information and minimal fees for various official records. Links are also provided for young first time drivers.
  • Driver Licensing
    Obtaining a New Drivers License. Required Driver License Documentation and links and instructions.
  • Driver Licensing Locations (Substations)
    Location, days open and information.
  • Driver Education
    NH Approved Driver Improvement Programs
    Troop G - Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
    Motor Carrier Enforcement Section Rules & Regulations Training
    Motorcycle Rider Training
    Various training and educational events
  • Financial Responsibility
    responsible for revocations and suspensions and maintaining data on Crashes, Driving Records, Impaired Driver Intervention Programs, Insurance Requirements (SR-22 Insurance Certificate), Pleas-By-Mail in addition to collecting fines.
  • Non-US Citizen
  • Department of Safety Links

New Hampshire Vehicle Registration and Titling

  • Renewals, forms and publications. License plate information and instructions. Records requests by using you online resources available to the general public. You can accomplish many vehicle matters with easy to use links to sources without having to visit the division of motor vehicles. Get county clerk information to issue titles and registrations. Free information and services you can access with a computer anytime. Find out about requirements before leaving to the divisions location.
  • Registration Bureau
    For the registration of Agricultural and Farm equipment, Automobiles, Boats, Construction equipment, Mopeds, Motorcycles, Tractors and Trailers.
  • Getting Your Initial Plate
    Search the availability of initial license plates.
  • Municipal Agents
    Citizens Online, Maintaining Plates Annually, Swiftly & Simply. C.O.M.P.A.S.S. is a quick and easy 4 step process to allow the citizens of New Hampshire to renew their existing license plates / registrations online.
  • Title Bureau
    The DMV Bureau of Title maintains all records pertaining to the buying and selling of vehicles.
  • International Registration Plan
    For registering vehicles that travel into two or more jurisdictions.
  • Inspections and Emissions
    Inspections and requirements.
  • Registration Bureau Municipal Agents
    Current Online Agents, Agents Signed Up for Online Access.

New Hampshire DMV Forms and Manuals

  • Print and have your paperwork prepared before you leave for a DMV office. Save valuable time by avoiding asking for instruction, trying to obtain forms, procedures and miscellaneous general information. You can be ready by spending few moments from anywhere with a computer. Some forms and requests can be mailed or completed with online links. Official division of motor vehicles forms and instruction that can be accessed at anytime regardless of office hours and closures. Many forms are provided in regards to titles and registration and many other sources to address your vehicle or drivers license needs. Link to official forms from the state. If you need to access forms not listed below, you can click on the all other forms link and see a complete list of applications. Many applications are self explanatory with guidance and procedures you can access.
  • Forms
  • Driver Licensing Documents & Forms
  • Motorcycle Rider Forms
  • Financial Responsibility Forms
  • Registration (including IRP) Forms
  • Title forms
  • All other Documents & Forms
  • Manuals for drivers licenses
  • Complete your tasks online. Download handbooks and manuals that can be printed or simply just read without having to go the Division of Motor Vehicles in person. Be prepared by study materials offered free. Link to New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles official resources and help.

  • Driver's Manual (Operator)
  • Commercial Driver's Manual
  • Handbook for the New Hampshire school bus driver

New Hampshire DMV Misc. Links and FAQs