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Free and easy to use direct official Ohio government links to driver license and registration sources. Register your vehicle, get your tags, obtain the history of a vehicle. Online forms and processing from your computer anywhere. You can also see the status of your applications at anytime online without having to call the clerk. Locations, hours and office information are also available online.

Ohio Drivers License

  • Renewal of Driver License
    Graduated Driver License Information. New Changes to Teen Driving Law. A Teen's Guide To Getting A Driver License.
  • First Time License
    Examination. Find out about what first time applicants must do. Apply for a Temporary Permit, If you are under 18 information and other related resources.
  • Driver License Suspension & Reinstatement
    Links to Driver License Suspension Related Information. BMV Reinstatement Centers. Reinstatement Fees. Identification Documents Needed to Reinstate a Driver License. Remedial. Driving Schools. Ohio Revised Code - Conviction Codes and more.
  • Schedule a Driving Test Online
    Schedule your class D operator’s license or motorcycle test.
  • Address Change
    You can now change your vehicle registration address record online. You can also find out how to update your information in writing to the BMV.
  • Copy of Driving Record
    Abstract of Driving Record. Methods for obtaining a driving record.
  • Driver License Examination Locations
    Ohio State Highway Patrol Driver License Examination Stations. Hours of operation and holiday closures. By list of counties and other related information.
  • Quick links to online drivers services
    View your driving record or your reinstatement requirements if your license is suspended. Verify the most recent date a drivers license was issued in your name. Go to the Ohio organ/Tissue Donor Registry. Online license plate renewal system and many other online services.
  • Driver License Services
    Index to many of Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles links and information. Ohio Drivers license. Commercial Driver license CDL and other Driver License related topics.
  • Commercial Driver's License (CDL)
    Who Needs a CDL? Classes of CDL licenses. CDL Endorsements & Restrictions. Link to Hazardous Materials Information and many other resources.

Ohio Vehicle Registration and Titling

  • Online Vehicle Registration
    Renew your vehicle registration. Replace you lost, stolen or damaged registration or plates. Exchange your plates online. Address change for your vehicle registration. Check the availability of specialty plates. Renew your leased vehicle. Ohio's online license plate renewal system. you can renew one or more vehicles and/or select and purchase specialty plates offered through the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles in minutes.
  • Renew License Plates Online
    Instantly and easily renew your plates online from your computer anytime. Pay fees and access other resources available to the public.
  • First Time Registrations
    What you will need and procedures to follow. Who may apply. Acceptable documents and additional information.
  • Mail-in Registration
    You may renew your registration by mail. Application information and how to instructions.
  • Out-of-State Renewals
    Out-of-State Vehicle Registration Procedures and instructions. Application for Out-of-State Registration by Mail. Renewal Application and more related information.
  • Information on How to Obtain a Special Plate
    Types of Special Plates. Information on How to Obtain a Special Plate. What is a system assigned plate, personalized plate and more important information.
  • Disability License Plates
    General Information. Registrant Eligibility Title Requirements. Type of Plates. Issuance Information.
  • Emission Inspection Information (E-Check)
    Important testing information, Station locations, What to bring to the station, Hours of operation, Frequently asked questions, New residents and visitors, Vehicles located out of state, Waivers, exemptions, and extensions, Field office locations, Tips for smooth testing and other helpful information.
  • Vehicle Registration index and links
    Link to services offered by the BMV. Registration information. List of services you can find out about from your computer. Convenient and quick links to online services. What to do when you buy a vehicle,Drivers with Excessive Tickets Excluded from Registration D.E.T.E.R., Organizational License Plates (How to Establish), Online Leasing Companies, Staggered Registration Information and many other resources available to the public from the official Ohio BMV website.

Ohio DMV Forms and Manuals

Ohio DMV Misc. Links and FAQs

  • Ohio Department of Public Safety home page and index
    Navigate with an easy menu that provide services available to the public. Updated information from the state's official website. Important information you need before going to the office location. Sources for individuals and dealers. Parent resources for teen drivers with essential guidance. Find out procedure you can easily follow to save you time by not going back and forth in person. No need to wait for assistance, access help anytime day or night without the consideration of holiday closures, hours and days open.
  • Dealer licensing
    Download Forms. Motor Vehicle Show Request. Classic Motor Vehicle Auction Request. Requirements for Dealer/Salesperson/Buyer. Find a Dealer. Temporary Tags.
  • Online Services
    Quick link to online Services. Title Search. Oplates.com. Establish Prepaid Accounts. Verify the Most Recent Date a Driver License was Issued in Your Name and many other free links.
  • Branch Office Locations - Listed by County
    Listing includes Alcohol and Drug Addiction Service Boards, Deputy Registrar Locations, Driver License Exam Stations, Highway Patrol Post Locations, Investigative Unit District Offices, Remedial Driving Schools, and Title Offices.
  • Financial Responsibility Information
    Administrative Hearings. Noncompliance Suspension. Proof of Financial Responsibility. Proof of Insurance Documentation. Random Selection Program. Security Suspension. SR 22's & Bonds.
  • Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Contact Information
    Mailing Address, E-mail the Registrar. Telephone numbers to General Information, Driver License Information, Accident & Insurance Information, License Plate Registration Information and Special License Plate Requests, OPlates Help Desk - Online and Automated Telephone Renewal Assistance, International Registration Plan (IRP) Center, TDD and more.
  • FAQs
  • Browse Questions by selecting a topic. Search what are you looking for by entering your inquiry. How to receive an answer directly to your question and more help.
  • Vehicle Registration - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Motorcycle questions and answers
  • Three Wheel Motorcycles and Other Enclosed Three Wheel Vehicles - Titling and Registration Frequently Asked Questions
  • IRP Frequently Asked Questions