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Free and easy to use direct official Rhode Island government links to driver license and registration sources. Register your vehicle, get your tags, obtain the history of a vehicle. Online forms and processing from your computer anywhere. You can also see the status of your applications at anytime online without having to call the clerk. Locations, hours and office information are also available online.

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Rhode Island Drivers License

Easy and free resources available to the public directly from the state's official website. Link to essential instructions you need regarding your drivers license matters whether you are new to the state or hold an existing Rhode Island issued license. Find out about reinstating you driving privileges with forms. Transfer your license if you're from out of state. Commercial and private drivers can take advantage of the State of Rhode Island DMV online access at any time without having to worry about holiday closures and hours of operation.

  • New License and Permits
    Instructions for ages of 16 - 18. Applicants 18 and over and have never held a driver's license in Rhode Island, or if a license has expired over three (3) years. What you will need and other related information.

  • License Renewal
    Find out how to renew you drivers license as well as your Commercial Driver's License (CDL).

  • Commercial (CDL) / Chauffeurs
    Test location and requirements that are helpful in obtaining a commercial drivers license. Information on new HazMat regulations.

  • Lost or Damaged Licenses
    If you lose or misplace your valid Rhode Island license, the DMV will issue a new copy.

  • Motorcycles
    Special license to operate a motorcycle. Motorcycle safety course and other related information.

  • Name & Address Change
    Keep your current address on file. Requirements and instructions for name change.

  • Reinstatement
    How to get your license back after reinstatement. Directions to Operator Control and information about hours and services.

  • Out-of-State Renewals
    If you are temporarily out of state at the time your license is due to expire for a valid reason such as work or school, or if you are seasonally in another state, the DMV can renew your license through the mail if you meet a few simple requirements.

  • Out-of-State Transfer
    If you have recently moved to Rhode Island, you need to obtain a valid Rhode Island license upon becoming a resident. Get information on what you will need and more.

  • Road Test Information
    What you will need when reporting for your road test. Grounds for immediate termination of the Road Test.

  • State I.D.s
    Rhode Island issues a non-driver identification card. List of Rhode Island ID Requirements.

  • School Bus
    Eligibility to operate a School Bus in Rhode Island. Licensing Requirement. Certification Requirement and essential information.

  • New to Rhode Island
    Driving in Rhode Island. Selective Service information. Mandatory insurance.

  • General Information
    Traffic Rules, Motorcycle Information, Chemical Test Law, Accident Reports and Organ Donation.

  • Register to Vote

Rhode Island Vehicle Registration and Titling

Access resources for new and existing vehicle registrations. Find out information on how to register or just renew your vehicle. What you can do when your place or registration is damaged, lost or stolen. Update vehicle information over the internet. Links to help out of state transfers with instructions. How to cancel your plates. Duplicate title requests. Information to inspect your vehicle and emissions. See all the services by clinking on the index and home page link provided below for easy reference. All links are free to access where you can obtain sources to accomplish your task without driving to the DMV location in person.

  • New Registration
    Step by step instructions. Liens against the vehicle how to. Refunds. If your vehicle has an out-of-state title, you are required to have a VIN check. Be prepared with helpful tips and information.

  • Registration Renewal
    Renew your vehicle registration online or Download a Mail-In Renewal Form and follow easy instructions.

  • Lost or Damaged Registration or Plates
    Duplicate registration certificate. Figure the fees for a remake. What you need to do if you have lost both plates and wish to immediately obtain a set of plates and more.

  • Update Registration
    Change the address on your registration. Change of Address card form and instructions.

  • Out-of-State Transfer
    If you are new to Rhode Island, you must register your vehicle within 30 days of becoming a resident. What you will need to bring. Application downloads and more helpful instructions.

  • Plate Transfers
    If you already have a registered vehicle and purchase another to replace it, you can transfer the registration and plates to the new vehicle. Change your current plate to another plate.

  • Cancel Plates
    When you sell a vehicle and do not replace it, or when a vehicle is junked, you must cancel the registration and plates.

  • Vanity Plates
    A vanity plate for a passenger vehicle can be any combination of three (3) to six (6) letters or up to six (6) letters and numbers. See format for letters and numbers on vanity application.

  • Surviving Spouse
    Forms and instructions to change a registration into your name after a spouse dies

  • Registration index of services from the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles

  • Titles
    Find information about taxes, titles, duplicate titles, salvage information, custom builds, leased vehicles, and lien information.
    Tax & Title Only
    Duplicate Title
    Custom Builds/Kit
    Leased Vehicles
    Lien Information

  • Inspections & Emissions
    Motor Vehicle Safety and Emission Control Division. Inspections done at state garage.

Rhode Island DMV Forms and Manuals

Obtain and download forms free from your computer. Avoid driving back and form the your local DMV office. Information provided prior to filling and submitting forms that can save you time and frustration by doing it right the first time. Use the checklists for easy step by step instructions anyone can follow. No need to visit the Division of Motor Vehicles for paperwork that can be downloaded and printed at home or anywhere with your computer.


Manuals for drivers licenses

Be prepared prior to the official testing given by the state. Official manuals and study guides available to the public from the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles.

Rhode Island DMV Misc. Links and FAQs
  • Suspensions
    See the different ways that you may receive information on how to correct the problem. Reinstatement fees. Driving Records and more.

  • Disability Parking Permit Information
    People who have impaired mobility due to a permanent or temporary condition, and meet the established criteria, may apply for a handicap placard.

  • Accidents
    The operator of any motor vehicle involved in an accident in this state resulting in injuries and/or property damage in excess of $1,000.00, is required to report this accident in writing, within 21 days, to the Davison of Motor Vehicles, Office of Safety Responsibility.

  • Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles Web site
    Index of services and home page.


Online services

Save time and expense of going to the DMV with the provided online services. Instantly renew vehicle registration. Get driving records and motor vehicle information over the internet. Request many services available without having to contact the DMV directly only during regular business hours.

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