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Free and easy to use direct official South Carolina government links to driver license and registration sources. Register your vehicle, get your tags, obtain the history of a vehicle. Online forms and processing from your computer anywhere. You can also see the status of your applications at anytime online without having to call the clerk. Locations, hours and office information are also available online.

South Carolina Drivers License

  • General Driver License Information
    Driver License Classes. ID cards other general information.
  • Getting and Maintaining Your Driver License
    How to get an Initial Driver License. How to get a Beginner Permit. Review our Accepted Forms of Identification for obtaining an initial driver license, beginner's permit, or identification card. How to Renew Your Driver License. How to Reinstate a Driver License after a suspension. Insurance Requirements including information on registering as an uninsured motorist.
  • Lost or Stolen Driver License
    What you should and reporting information. Accepted Forms of Identification information.
  • Damaged Driver Licenses, Beginner Permits or ID Cards
    When your driver license credential is damaged or otherwise separating. How to obtain a replacement.
  • Copy of Driving Record
    Instructions and requirements to obtain driver information. Form and more related information.
  • Identifications Cards
    Identification cards are issued to any persons at least 5 years of age and who are residents of South Carolina. Forms and proper identification you need.
  • Name or Address Changes
    South Carolina law requires you to change your name or address on department records within 10 days of your actual name or address change. Step by step instructions you can view online.
  • Commercial Driver Licenses
    CDL Class Licenses. CDL Endorsements. CDL Restrictions. Social Security Verification. Getting Your Initial Commercial Driver License. Transferring Your CDL License From Another State. CDL Knowledge Test. CDL Skills Test. Commercial Vehicle Configurations and more.
  • Driver License Fees
    Knowledge Test $2.00
    Beginner's Permit $2.50
    CDL Application $15.00
    Driver's License (5 year - Online Only) $12.50
    Driver's License (10 year - Field Office Only) $25.00
    Duplicate Driver's License $10.00
    ID Cards $5.00
    Copy of Driving Record $6

South Carolina Vehicle Registration and Titling

  • General Vehicle Information
    If you purchase a new or used vehicle or move to South Carolina from another state, you must apply for a new vehicle title and registration.
  • Transferring a Plate and Registration
    What you need to transfer your vehicle registration to your newly purchased vehicle.
  • Obtaining a Title Only
    If you do not plan to drive your vehicle, you may wish to obtain a title only for your newly purchased vehicle.
  • Obtaining a Duplicate Title
    Information if you have lost your title, you may obtain a duplicate title from the Department of Motor Vehicles. How you may apply for the duplicate.
  • Registration Renewals Information
    In South Carolina, payment of personal vehicle property taxes is required before a license plate can be renewed.
  • Moving to South Carolina
    If you move to South Carolina from another state, you have 45 days to transfer your vehicle title and registration. Find out how you may apply for the title and registration.
  • Registering as an Uninsured Motorist
    Get information if you and every driver in your household has held a driver's license for three or more years, you may qualify to register as an uninsured motorist.
  • Correcting Odometer Errors
    If you discover that you reported the odometer mileage on your vehicle incorrectly when you registered it, there are steps you can take to correct the title.
  • Insurance Requirements
    When registering your vehicle, you must provide the name of your insurance company and policy number. Be informed about state's insurance requirements.
  • Leased Vehicles
    When you lease a vehicle in South Carolina, you may either purchase a new plate for the vehicle or transfer a plate from a vehicle you already own. Get the form and how to information.

South Carolina DMV Forms and Manuals

  • Manuals and Forms
  • DMV Forms and Manuals
    Accident and Insurance Inquiry Forms (Financial Responsibility). Commercial Driver Forms. Dealer Services Forms. DMV Forms for South Carolina Auditors and Treasurers. Driver License Manual. Driver's License, Beginner's Permit and Identification Card Forms. General Forms and Information Requests. Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Forms. Motor Carrier Interstate Forms. Motor Carrier Intrastate Forms. SC Sidecar/Trike Operator Manual. Vehicle License Plate Forms. Vehicle Title and Registration Forms.
  • Online services
  • Save time and expense by avoiding going to the location in person. Accomplish tasks offered by the state of South Carolina. Official resources you can access from your computer anytime without the concern of holiday closures and hours of operation. Instantly change information regarding your license or vehicle. Request driving record history. Sources for IDs and instructions open to the public.
  • Driver's License Renewal
    You may use this transaction to renew your South Carolina driver's license for 5 years.
  • Renew Your ID Card
    This transaction enables you to renew your identification card.
  • Driver Record Points and Status
    Obtain a summary of your driving record including: the number of points, your suspension status and any reinstatement requirements.
  • Obtain your Certified Driver Record
  • Pay Reinstatement Fees
  • Complete a Registration Renewal
    Complete your registration renewal. You may use this transaction if you received an MV1 form from DMV notifying you that additional fees or insurance verification is due.

South Carolina DMV Misc. Links and FAQs