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Free and easy to use direct official Washington government links to driver license and registration sources. Register your vehicle, get your tags, obtain the history of a vehicle. Online forms and processing from your computer anywhere. You can also see the status of your applications at anytime online without having to call the clerk. Locations, hours and office information are also available online.

Washington Drivers License

  • Steps to getting your first license
    Find out how to get your first Washington State driver license.
  • Driver license testing
    Learn about the knowledge and driving tests, and use the study guide and practice test to prepare.
  • Military personnel
    Find out about special driver licensing for members of the military.
  • Driving safety and accidents
    Get information about mandatory insurance, road rage, and reporting accidents or unsafe drivers.
  • Moving? Get WA license
    New to Washington State? Find out how to get a driver license.
  • Renew your driver license
    Find out what to do when it's time to renew.
  • Change your name or address
    Learn how to update your driver license when you move or change your name.
  • Renew your driver license while out of state
    Find out what to do if you are out of state when your license expires.
  • Lost or stolen license
    Replace your license or instruction permit. Replace your driver license while out of state, Identity crimes or fraud, Find out about identity crimes and how to protect yourself.
  • Enhanced Driver License/ID Card (EDL/ID)
    Steps to getting your EDL/ID. Renew your EDL/ID. Change your name or address. Lost or stolen EDL/ID. Frequently asked questions. Learn about the history of the Enhanced Driver License Program.
  • Driving record
    Request your driving record. Learn how to get a copy of a driving record if you need to create or renew an insurance policy, hire a driver, or screen volunteers. Find out if a driver has a valid Washington driver license, instruction permit, or identification card.
  • Suspended license
    Learn how to request and prepare for a hearing to appeal a driver license suspension. Find out about driver license suspensions and what to do to get a license back when the suspension is over. Learn about the penalties for DUI, how to appeal a license suspension, and how to get a license back after a suspension. Find out what happens to your driver license if you are under 18 and are found in possession of alcohol, drugs, or firearms. You may qualify for a restricted driver license while your license is suspended. Find out about restricted licenses and how to get one.
  • Motorcycles
    Find out how to get a motorcycle endorsement on your driver license. Find a program to learn to ride a motorcycle safely, and learn about the Motorcycle Safety Education Advisory Board. Check out the motorcycle guide and learn about the knowledge and riding tests you must pass to ride a motorcycle. Check out the sidecar/trike guide and learn about the knowledge and riding tests you must pass to ride a trike or a motorcycle with a sidecar. Check status of a motorcycle endorsement.
  • Commercial Driver License (CDL)
    CDL law changes. Find out if you need a CDL or special endorsement to drive your commercial vehicle. Get information about the instruction permits, medical exams, and drug testing required to get a new CDL. Learn how to renew or update a CDL. Learn about the tests you must pass before getting a CDL, and prepare with a practice test. If you have a valid CDL from another state, find out what you need to do to transfer it to Washington State. Learn about CDL suspensions and what to do if your CDL is suspended or revoked.
  • Get your WA identification card
    Find out what you need to do to get an ID card. Find out how to renew an identification card. Learn what you need to do to replace an identification card. Use this online system to see if an individual has a valid ID card.

Washington Vehicle Registration and Titling

  • Renew your tabs
  • How to renew
    Find out how to renew your vehicle tabs and registration.
  • Emissions testing
    Need an emissions test on your vehicle? Find out what you need to do.
  • Fees and taxes
    Find out what fees and taxes will be due when you renew your vehicle tabs and registration.
  • License plates
  • Get new license plates
    Learn how to get new license plates or transfer a car or motorcycle into your name.
  • Replace your license plates
    Find out how to replace a damaged or lost license plate, and what to do when you are required by law to replace your plates.
  • Transfer plates to another vehicle
    Bought a new car or motorcycle and want to keep your current license plates? Find out how.
  • Special plates
    Personalize your license plate or get a special design plate.
  • Trip permits
    Find out how to get a temporary permit to drive your unlicensed vehicle on public highways.
  • Moving? Get WA plates
    New to Washington? Find out what you need to do to get Washington license plates.
  • Titles
  • Replace a lost title
    Find out how to get a replacement for a lost vehicle title.
  • Registration change of name or address
    Find out how to change your name or address on your vehicle registration.
  • Salvaged vehicles
    Has your vehicle been totaled? Learn about salvage and rebuilt vehicles.
  • Contaminated property
    Find out what happens when a vehicle, boat, or manufactured home is contaminated by hazardous chemicals.
  • Title fraud
    Learn about title fraud and what you can do to protect yourself.
  • Child support liens
    Find out what to do if a DSHS Child Support lien is filed on your vehicle.
  • Buying or selling a vehicle
  • Report of sale
    Learn how to tell us you have sold, traded, or given away a vehicle.
  • Tips for buying a vehicle
    Protect yourself against title fraud and more.
  • Transferring ownership into your name
    Find out how to transfer ownership of your new vehicle into your name.
  • Use tax
    When do you have to pay use tax? How much will it be? Find out here.
  • Commercial vehicles
  • IRP (Prorate)
    Learn the easy way to license commercial vehicles that operate in more than one state.
  • Fleets
    Lean how to set up a fleet account, get permits, and meet federal requirements for commercial vehicles that operate within Washington State.
  • DOT numbers
    Find out if you need a Department of Transportation (DOT) number to operate your commercial vehicle, and how to get one.
  • Permits
    Get information about commercial trip permits and oversize/overweight permits.
  • Fuel tax
    Fuel tax facts. Fuel licenses. International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). Audits. Fuel tax refunds. Prorate and fuel tax offices.
  • Boats
    Register a boat. Renew your boat registration. Report the sale of a boat. Get a carbon monoxide warning sticker. Fees and other related information.

Washington DMV Forms and Manuals

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