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State of New York public records to with instant net access to the statewide agencies to obtain records and conduct a criminal history background search. People locator to help find family or friends. Link to all New York courts that are regularly updated. View filed lawsuits, bankruptcy, divorces and other civil actions. Online assistance with the process of requesting documents such as vital records, marriage, death and birth certificates. Request real estate, deeds, property specifics and other land ownership data. Easy to access directory of links that will guide you to obtaining official government records.

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Public Records Information

Settled in 1624, New York is the 3rd largest state by population with over 19 million residents. The state of New York served as a major trading port by the Dutch and soon after by the English. The city of New York is the largest city in the U.S. and has held that title since 1790. Today, New York’s largest economy is the financial and investment industries followed by real estate and business services.

The New York Committee for Open Government advises and oversees public requests for information and records. The Freedom of Information statutes give residents of New York government transparency where any member of the public can look into the state’s affairs, meetings and planning. These laws outline the state, county or local government duties in providing records requested by any member of the general public. The open records and meetings statutes also known as the Freedom Of Information Law (FOIL) covers government agencies, commissions, committees, public corporations and other government entities within the state. Exceptions apply to certain areas of the government such as the legislature, courts or any information containing personal or confidential data. Private companies and entities do not fall under the authority of the open records and meeting laws.

Members of the public are not required by any agency to provide reasons for making their requests. Anyone for any reason can make FOIL request of a particular department. Request are often made by citizen groups overseeing their government affairs in efforts curtail overspending of tax revenues, or to look into future development and planning. News reporters in New York and their organizations make requests to uncover stories of corruption, accountability or any other newsworthy issues. Companies working with New York state and local governments can also in part fall under transparency laws. General public demands for information from various New York divisions are also often made for personal purposes.

Background checks in the state of New York are requested by private companies looking to screen new prospective employees. The personal criminal history review program allows individuals to see their own records that others such as future employees can obtain.

Court Records Information

Court record searches with online access is made possible by the New York electronic data access system. Information form courts contain records of divorces occurring in NY. Cases of criminal and civil trials that are pending or recorded at courthouses can be viewed by any member of the public. Cases can be electronically tracked to keep you up to date with trial proceedings. Bankruptcy court cases involving list of assets and liabilities are provided by each venue separately and available procedures with easy to follow instructions are offered by all districts.


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