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The District of Columbia has several agencies which cater to public requests of routinely obtained records. Many of the public records kept in various department individually can be directly ordered. Unlike other states, DC's agencies cover the entire territory without county governments. Repository of real estate information is at the Office of Tax and Revenue which provides land records, general public instruments, tax forms and registrations. Other public entities with records are the department of health for vital certificates of birth and deaths since 1874, civil and criminal courts, registrar of wills, U.S. bankruptcy court, Metropolitan Police Department for incident reports and professional licensing verification.

District of Columbia Public Records and Court Information

The District of Columbia, or Washington DC, was officially founded on July 16, 1790, and has since served as the permanent national capital. As such, it is not officially part of any state government but is overseen instead by the federal government, with the U.S. Congress having ultimate authority over the city. The number of persons residing in D.C. is approximately 600,000, with it's ranks swelling to over 1 million with the influx of commuters entering the city during the work week. The city government consists of a mayor and a 13 member city council. On the national level, the city is represented by one at-large congressional delegate without voting authority, and has no senate representation. Located within the city are the centers of all three branches of the federal government. There are 176 foreign embassies and headquarters for several world organizations such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Organization of American States and the Pan American Health Organization. Washington D.C. is also home to many national monuments and museums.

D.C is, as are other states, bound by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This act provides the right of any person to request access to public records and documents. All records may be requested; however, there is also a provision for exemptions from FOIA disclosure. The information that is not restricted by the D.C. FOIA may be accessed by a direct link from the PublicRecordCenter. Also contained on that same link are instructions on how to request existing information, applicable fees, and appeals process information.

As there is so much information regarding government public records and documents in the city of Washington D.C., PublicRecordCenter is especially helpful for locating web sites which contain these vital records and documents. A single page presents a listing of direct links to web sites containing specific record categories, allowing easy access to particular areas of interest. By following these well organized links, a researcher will be able to eliminate accessing confusing and incorrect sites and focus on the desired information.

Criminal histories and records for Washington D.C. residents are maintained by the Metropolitan Police Department. Those seeking criminal histories for the purposes of employment, licensing, adoption, apartment rental applications, or passports and visas, may apply in person at the Arrest and Criminal History Section of the police department. Request forms are available there and are then processed in about twenty-four hours. Instructions for requesting criminal history information by mail are available on the web site for those unable to make the request in person.

Search the PublicRecordCenter page regarding asset searches to obtain information regarding public inspection of land records, professional license verification, business ownership records, and multiple documents concerning personal and corporate assets. The office of the Chief Financial Officer offers a database search of unclaimed property. Search also for bankruptcy information, liens and UCC judgment filing records.

Court records in Washington D.C. are also a matter of public information. The D.C. court system is aligned by the various courts and the services they provide. Each individual court maintains a web page providing details of that particular court's jurisdiction and purpose. Some of the courts would include the Superior Court, Appellate Court, Bankruptcy Court, Family Court, Probate Court, and Small Claims Court, just to name a few. Information concerning case records and documents can be obtained from the individual court web sites. PublicRecordCenter offers quick searches for accurate, official information on recorded documents.

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