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As there may be more than one source to obtaining District of Columbia criminal, civil and divorce records, it is important to search multiple state courts to find the correct records.

District of Columbia Court Structure:

The District of Columbia superior court has exclusive jurisdiction to hear cases involving civil matters (with amount in controversies of $5,001 and above; no maximum). District of Columbia's small claims courts have jurisdiction to hear cases with amounts in controversy from $0-$5,000. The superior court has exclusive domestic relations jurisdiction, exclusive criminal jurisdiction, and exclusive jurisdiction over traffic or other violations, except for most parking cases (which are handled administratively). The superior court has exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile matters. The superior court is the proper venue for preliminary hearings as well. The District of Columbia's court of appeals has mandatory jurisdiction over cases involving civil matters, criminal matters, administrative agency matters, juvenile matters, disciplinary matters, original proceedings, and interlocutory decision matters. Its court of appeals has discretion ("discretionary jurisdiction") to hear cases involving small claims, minor criminal matters, and original proceeding matters.

Directory of Links and Resources to Access County, State or Federal Court Records Online

District of Columbia Civil and Divorce Court Records
Judgments, lawsuits, dissolution of marriage, civil court cases.

District of Columbia Criminal Court Records
Felony, misdemeanors and traffic violations.
District of Columbia Court Records
Filings in my courthouse.
Lookup current civil cases awaiting trials on court calendars and dockets. Link to the court clerks for cases that may be closed or archived. Search for criminal cases placed on calendars awaiting trial. Court criminal dockets can show active cases not yet closed. The DC Court Reporting Division is responsible for making a verbatim record of all proceedings in the Superior Court. The Division produces transcripts for filing with the Court of Appeals and for private parties, attorneys, the press, and others.

Court Reporting Division

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