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South Dakota is located in the mid-western region of the U.S. and was the 40th territory to become a state in 1889. There are 66 counties functioning as local governments in the state of South Dakota. Agencies carry out many of the state’s responsibilities on behalf of the state and local governments. The South Dakota Open Records (SDCL) allows members of the public to request information from their governments for better transparency. Better access to government information presents a tool for journalists to uncover stories of mishanding of public affairs. Concerned South Dakota residents can request to see employee salaries, budgets, minutes of meetings between elected officials and many other records and information for oversight of any abuses.

Criminal records are commonly the most important part of background checks. Searching criminal history can be challenging as protected data is not available to the public. The state of South Dakota offers step by step instructions on how to obtain a criminal history report. Look up the requirements and see what you need from the state’s official division of criminal investigation and see how to conduct a finger based background check of an employee or yourself. You can order records of misdemeanors and felonies statewide as well as seeing how to obtain records from federal agencies as the central repository of criminal information on individuals.

For a thorough investigation you can expand your search to include other information derived from public records. The South Dakota Department of Health offers several easy and simple ways of obtaining a birth, death or marriage record. Electronic court record searches from the state of South Dakota judicial system offers online access to criminal cases, filings and civil lawsuits. Instant databases are offered to verify a professional license issued by the state. Regardless of your search needs and goals, a comprehensive search of records available to the public can reveal an abundance of substantive information resulting in an informative final report.

Court Records Information

The South Dakota supreme court has mandatory jurisdiction in civil, capital criminal, criminal, administrative agency, juvenile,disciplinary, and original proceeding cases, discretionary jurisdiction in advisory opinions for the state executive, interlocutory decision, and original proceeding cases.

Circuit courts have exclusive civil jurisdiction, including civil appeals, small claims for cases up to $8,000, domestic relations, criminal trials, including criminal appeals, exclusive traffic, except for uncontested parking violations, which is handled administratively, and exclusive juvenile jurisdiction. The South Dakota circuit court also handles preliminary hearings and has jury trials except in small claims.

The South Dakota family courts dictate that a marriage can only be dissolved by death or divorce and limited cases, marriages may be annulled by an action in circuit court.

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