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Free and easy to use direct official Vermont government links to driver license and registration sources. Register your vehicle, get your tags, obtain the history of a vehicle. Online forms and processing from your computer anywhere. You can also see the status of your applications at anytime online without having to call the clerk. Locations, hours and office information are also available online.

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Vermont Drivers License
Vermont Vehicle Registration and Titling
Vermont DMV Forms and Manuals

Vermont's official DMV free downloadable forms. You can print and have your documents ready before visiting the local Department of Motor Vehicles office. You can print out forms by title, number or name. Forms for Dealers, commercial vehicle purposes, registrations, tax, title, general use and many other applications available over the internet instantly from the convenience of your home.


Manuals for drivers licenses

Be prepared prior to your testing with study guides offered by Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. Download handbooks and manuals for various types of vehicles, commercial, on or off road. Free downloadable publications you can access anytime without being concerned with awaiting mailing, hours of operation or holiday closures.

Vermont DMV Misc. Links and FAQs

Reserve by making appointments for your exam and make your visit to the DMV efficient. Resources for military persons. Look up laws that pertain to you as a driver in Vermont. What to do when in an accident guidance. Know the fees that you will be paying. How to obtain records from the DMV. You can update you information online quickly and easily with your computer. Get information regarding Hazardous Materials. Save time and the expense of going to the DMV location in person by accessing website resources. Official Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles links and useful information with guidance and index to services offered to the public anytime.


Have your questions answered with the most common concerns of public when addressing motor vehicle and licensing matters. No need to contact the DMV directly for your simple questions and having to wait for a clerk's assistance.

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