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Free and easy to use direct official Wyoming government links to driver license and registration sources. Register your vehicle, get your tags, obtain the history of a vehicle. Online forms and processing from your computer anywhere. You can also see the status of your applications at anytime online without having to call the clerk. Locations, hours and office information are also available online.

Wyoming Drivers License

  • Services for driving in the state of Wyoming from the WYDOT. Find out how to renew your license. Update your information. Replace you license if lost, damaged or stolen. Get information regarding suspensions, revocation or cancellation of your license. Obtain driving record information from your computer. Browse for many other related links by accessing the index of services from the Wyoming Department of Transportation.
  • Driver's License Renewal
    Renewing my Wyoming License by Mail, Loss of Driver's License, Active Duty Military Renewals by Mail and Renewing my Wyoming CDL License by Mail.
  • Learner's Permit and Graduated Licenses
    Information, resources, and forms on applying for different levels of learner permits.
  • Examination Stations
    County Locations listed separately with contact information.
  • Name/Address Changes
    How Do I Change My Name and/Or Address?
  • News and Information
    Current information from WYDOT.
  • Suspensions, Cancellations & Revocations
    Detailed information you will need to be aware of if your driving privileges have been suspended, cancelled or revoked.
  • Wyoming Driver's License Reinstatement
    Information on applying for a reinstated license after suspension or other revocation.
  • Driving Records
    3 years of history for moving violations, uninsured accidents, compulsory insurance violations, administrative per se & refusals, nonresident violator compact violations, and proof of financial responsibility withdrawals and 5 years of history for driving under the influence, reckless driving, accident judgments, vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an injury accident, a felony which is a result of manner of driving, and transporting liquor to a minor convictions and withdrawals.
  • Driver Services WYDOT home page
    Index of services offered by the Wyoming Department of Transportation available to the public for driver license matters.

Wyoming Vehicle Registration and Titling

  • Free resources for your vehicle registration, title and plates. Official Wyoming Department of Transportation links that provide help and resources for commercial and individual vehicle owners. General public information and guidance that can save you unnecessary trips to department locations. Contact information and forms you can access and download from your computer. Easy and simple to navigate for additional and many other services you may not be aware that are available.
  • Titles and Registration
    Applicable Forms, County Treasurer/Clerk Information. Title and Lien filing information.
  • County Treasurer and Clerk Information
    County by county list and documents.
  • Specialty Plates
    List of various plates such as Radio amateur, pioneer, former POW, disabled vet., national guard, military, EMT, university of Wyoming, firefighter, purple heart recipient and other specialty plates.
  • Salvage Vehicles
    Any motor vehicle which has been wrecked, destroyed or damaged to the extent that it is declared a total loss by the insurance company or; in the event an insurance company is not involved in the settlement of the claim, sustains damage in an amount exceeding 75% of its actual retail cash value.
  • Wyoming Abandoned Vehicles
  • Wyoming Commercial Carriers
    Information on Wyoming Commercial Carriers, IFTA, IRP - Prorate, Regulatory Authority, Wyoming Motor Carrier.
  • Imported Vehicles
    Information and other requirements.
  • Motor Vehicle Services
    Index of services. Abandoned Vehicles, Car Rental & Surcharge Remittal, Compliance / Investigations, Homemade Vehicle/State Assigned VINS, Prestige Plates, Salvage Vehicles, Salvage/Storage Yards, Specialty Plates, Titles and Registration, Transporter, Vehicle Dealers and Manufacturers, Wyoming Commercial Carriers and other helpful links.

Wyoming DMV Forms and Manuals

Wyoming DMV Misc. Links and FAQs

  • Save time and expense by avoiding visiting the Wyoming Department of Transportation. Access many free services available from the state government. Official links that guide you to sources you can use over the internet. Information which can guide you to obtain records, how to file and obtain various licenses. No need to be concerned with hours of operation or holiday closures. Access these free resources and information anytime. You can lookup how to verify insurance, procedures when in an accident, rules and regulations and many other essential links for individuals or commercial interests.
  • Insurance Verification Guide
    WY Web Base Insurance Verification Implementation Guide.
  • Accident Procedures
    What to do if you are involved in an automobile accident.
  • Handicap Placard Instructions
    Applying in Person, Applying through the Mail, Filling out the Application, How Many Placards can you Request, Lost, damaged, stolen placard, Who can apply.
  • Rules and Regulations
    View the rules and regulations governing motor vehicles in the State of Wyoming.
  • Wyoming State Statutes - Title 31
    Laws regarding motor vehicles in the State of Wyoming.
  • Wyoming Department of Transportation
    Home page and index of services to the general public. Contact information, transportation commission and many other useful resources for vehicles and driving in Wyoming.
  • FAQs
  • Get answers to your questions without contacting the Wyoming Department of Transportation. Many common inquiries can be addressed by looking a helpful list and index of services and answers.
  • Restriction Codes