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Alabama's most requested public records relate to an individual's criminal history, real estate transactions of property, vital certificates and courts files. State and county governments are the original recorders and providers of information. Alabama Criminal Justice Information repository and the Alabama Background Check System (ABC) for current and prospective employees are two methods in which the public can obtain information from a central statewide repository. Circuit clerks, registrars, coroners, correctional facilities, probate judges, funeral homes and hospitals are few private and government entities in Alabama which provide certificates of death, birth, marriages and divorces. Alabama's 41 circuit courts have general jurisdiction over trials and maintains case files of felonies, judgments, liens, dissolution of marriage, juvenile, appeals from district courts and other court actions and motions.

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Public Records Information

The state of Alabama government is comprised of 67 counties, and has 460 incorporated cities and towns. Each level of government whether state, county or municipality, elects and appoints governing officials by its citizens. Certain government functions such as licensing drivers are the sole responsibility of the state whereas law enforcement can be local to counties and have an elected sheriff a county funded department or city level police. County courts in Alabama are broken down into various jurisdiction depending on venue and types of cases.

Public records can offer information from various different sources within government divisions. Alabama’s public entities maintain a d provide many of the records needed to look up criminal history information, personal and business assets, court case files, vital certificates and official recorded documents.

Individual Background Information. For personal identification such as passports and other needs for official documentation, certificates of birth, marriage, death and divorces, Alabama's Center for Health Statistics vital records division offers online or by mail requests for official certificates as well as informational copies. The department of public safety Driver License Division is the custodian of driving records, provides crash reports and processes license reinstatements.

Court Records Information

The Alabama Court Access system is an electronic case search for criminal, civil, domestic relations, small claims, traffic and child support filings. Information of the search can show setting dates, court actions, party information, case action summary, financial data and images. Open to the public and attorneys, searches can be conducted by name or case number.


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