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Look up Wisconsin records for a person's background history, criminal records and personal information such as property ownership and divorces. Request marriages, death records, birth records from the state. Access the state of Wisconsin courts for divorce filings and other civil cases. See where and how to order copies of documents recorded and held by the state. Request official certificates from a comprehensive list of government agencies.

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Public Records Information

Wisconsin’s state departments are providers of numerous public records with individual policies and procedures. The Wisconsin Department of Justice operate record units which checks a person’s criminal background. The Vital Records Office manages copies of birth, death and marriages which are routinely requested, its sites shows the process required to obtain official certificates.

Instant searches can be found amongst several major state agency websites to help the public view information from their databanks. The Department of Financial Institutions, Safety and Professional licenses and the state bar offer searches for corporate information, verification of licenses, permits, registrations, UCC and lien filings.

A index to originators and recorders of information routinely requested puts the individual in control of their own unique search where only the necessary documents are obtained. Certain reports and files are only attainable through smaller sites which are not connected to larger departments and may be hard to locate.

Court Records Information

The Wisconsin municipal courts have exclusive jurisdiction to hear cases which involve ordinance violations. If a municipality does not have a court, ordinance violations are heard in circuit court.

Circuit courts have jurisdiction to hear all civil and criminal cases, including probate, juvenile, and traffic matters, as well as jury trials.

State’s court of appeals mostly handle cases of mandatory jurisdiction, meaning appeals from circuit courts required to hear under the Wisconsin’s law.

Wisconsin’s highest court is the supreme court with jurisdiction over all lower courts, has discretion to determine which appeals it will hear, can also hear original actions, cases that have not been heard in a lower court. The court selects the cases it will review based on criteria described in state statutes.


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