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Access a list of Wisconsin Sheriff agencies that will conduct a criminal background for the public of felonies and misdemeanors.

Adams County Sheriffs Office
Obtain Adams county jail and victims information.

Barron County Sheriffs Department
Find information regarding criminal activity in Barron county.

Bayfield County Sheriffs Office
Obtain Bayfield county sheriff current case information.

Brown County Sheriffs Office
Obtain criminal and traffic records from the support division of the Brown county sheriff.

Buffalo County Sheriffs Department
Request crime victims and jail information for Buffalo county.

Burnett County Sheriffs Office
Investigation and patrol services from the Burnett county sheriff.

Calumet County Sheriff
Patrol and jail information for Calumet county.

Chippewa County Sheriffs Office
Contact the sheriff for information regarding Chippewa county jail and civil processes.

Clark County Sheriffs Department
Obtain sheriff sales and criminal investigation information for Clark county.

Columbia County Sheriffs Office
Find warrant and most wanted information from the Columbia county sheriff.

Dane County Sheriffs Office
Request accident and incident reports and other records from the Dane county sheriff.

Dodge County Sheriffs Department
Obtain crime reports and records from the Dodge county sheriff.

Door County Sheriffs Department
Sex offender and jail information for Door county.

Douglas County Sheriffs Department
Access Douglas county warrants and missing children information.

Dunn County Sheriffs Office
Obtain copies of police reports for Dunn county.

Eau Claire County Sheriffs Office
Access Eau Claire county most wanted and ongoing investigations information.

Florence County Sheriff
Contact the Florence county sheriff for criminal activity information.

Fond Du Lac County Sheriff
Request police reports and records for Fond Du Lac county.

Forest County Sheriffs Department
Contact the sheriff for Forest county criminal activity information.

Grant County Sheriffs Department
Law enforcement services for Grant county.

Green County Sheriffs Department
Request police records for Green county

Green Lake County Sheriffs Office
Request accident and incident reports and records from the Green Lake county sheriff.

Iron County Sheriffs Department
Contact the sheriff for police records from Iron county.

Jackson County Sheriffs Department
Request criminal records for Jackson county.

Jefferson County Sheriffs Office
Records information and reports from the Jefferson county sheriff.

Juneau County Sheriffs Office
Obtain crime reports and public information for Juneau county.

Kenosha County Sheriffs Department
Crime prevention and criminal activity information for Kenosha county.

Kewaunee County Sheriffs Department
Access the accident report database for Kewaunee county.

La Crosse County Sheriffs Department
Find the La Crosse county warrant and jail list.

Lafayette County Sheriffs Department
Contact the sheriff for Lafayette county law enforcement matters.

Langlade County Sheriff
Obtain jail and sheriff foreclosure information for Langlade county.

Lincoln County Sheriff
Contact the sheriff for Lincoln county crime records.

Manitowoc County Sheriffs Department
Services and assistance with criminal activity in Manitowoc county.

Marathon County Sheriffs Department
Request prisoner records from the Marathon county sheriff.

Marinette County Sheriffs Department
Law enforcement services and crime records for Marinette county.

Marquette County Sheriff
Request police and accident reports from the Marquette county sheriff.

Menominee County Sheriffs Department
Access criminal history searches from the Menominee county sheriff website.

Milwaukee County Sheriff
Request open police and criminal records from the Milwaukee county sheriff.

Monroe County Sheriffs Department
Access the Monroe county warrant list.

Oconto County Sheriffs Department
View unsolved crime information for Oconto county.

Oneida County Sheriffs Office
Request Oneida county police records and reports.

Outagamie County Sheriffs Department
Access the Outagamie county jail inmate list.

Ozaukee County Sheriffs Office
Request Ozaukee county sheriffs records.

Pepin County Sheriffs Department
Obtain jail and probation information for Pepin county.

Pierce County Sheriffs Department
Contact the sheriff for accident and crime reports in Pierce county.

Polk County Sheriffs Department
Obtain the Polk county weekly booking report and inmate roster.

Portage County Sheriffs Department
Find records request and fee information for Portage county.

Price County Sheriffs Department
Access record request information from the Price county sheriff website.

Racine County Sheriffs Department
Request incident and investigative reports from the Racine county sheriff records bureau.

Richland County Sheriffs Department
Find jail and civil processes information for Richland county.

Rock County Sheriffs Office
Contact the Rock county sheriff records office for crime reports and records.

Rusk County Sheriffs Department
Find resources, services and information from the Rusk county sheriff.

St. Croix County Sheriffs Office
Request crime and police reports for St. Croix county.

Sauk County Sheriffs Department
Access the Sauk county sheriff warrant list online

Sawyer County Sheriff
Obtain accident reports, jail informaiton for Sawyer county.

Shawano County Sheriff
Find investigative and patrol services information for the Shawano county sheriff.

Sheboygan County Sheriffs Office
Contact the sheriff for criminal acitivity information in Sheboygan county.

Taylor County Sheriffs Department
Law enforcements services information for Taylor county.

Trempealeau County Sheriff Department
Request criminal records from Trempealeau county sheriff.

Vernon County Sheriffs Department
Find information regarding Vernon county missing children, sheriff sales and unsolved homicides.

Vilas County Sheriffs Department
Investigative and corrections information from the Vilas county sheriff.

Walworth County Sheriffs Office
Law enforcement services information for Walworth county.

Washburn County Sheriffs Office
View the Washburn county most wanted list online.

Washington County Sheriff
Request accident and incident reports from the Washington county sheriff.

Waukesha County Sheriff
Find records request information from the Waukesha county sheriff website.

Waupaca County Sheriffs Department
Obtain information for Waupaca county sheriff detective division.

Waushara County Sheriffs Department
Find sex offender release listing at the Waushara county sheriff website.

Winnebago County Sheriffs Office
Request police reports and record checks from the Winnebago county sheriff record division.

Wood County Sheriffs Office
Contact the Wood county sheriff for incident and accident reports.


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