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The state of Florida and its 67 counties individually maintain and issue public records, certificates, licenses and information for verification purposes. Public entities which provide many of the requested records are clerks and online resources from individual departments operating separately. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement electronic system a self-service application returns found criminal records instantly based on basic information such as the name and date of birth. Other departments under local departments such as court clerks, deed recorders and more maintain publicly accessible sites to their data. Florida Courts service online requests for state, county, all 20 circuit courts, and smaller case files giving access to divorce filings, judgments, liens, litigant name search and more. The state of Florida has made great improvements to electronic record access assisting individual departments to serve the public efficiently. About Florida Public Records

Florida Public Records and Court Information

The Florida legislature passed the  first laws in 1909 regarding public record laws. Freedom of information laws  grants residents, students, researchers, concerned citizens and journalists the  right to obtain records from their government. Certain laws are particular to  specific agencies as there are limits and protections which apply. The open  government sunset review act of 1995 allows for periodic review and repeal of  the exemptions. The purpose was to give the government transparency and to  provide its citizens access to open agency records. However, the law is not  limited to records for sole purpose of scrutiny. Residents also benefit from  the FOIA when trying to locate lost or misplaced records such and vital records  and certificates, crime reports, recorded land and real estate deeds,  certifications, permits and other information held by state, local and county  departments.

Florida, also known as the sunshine  state, became a U.S. territory in 1921 but entered the union in 1845. The state  of Florida has 19 million residents in its 67 counties. The first two counties  ever formed were St. Johns and Escambia. In 1925, the last county formed was  Gilchrist.  The purpose of counties being formed was for the state to  provide services to local areas. The state also has 411 cities, towns and  villages with the state capital being Tallahassee. Largest cities presently  include Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa. The idea of forming cities originated in  Europe, specifically Spain and England. Cities were formed by the legislature  to allow for local power as its citizens were requesting. This gives local  decisions to citizens governing themselves, such as taxes, local law  enforcement, public utilities, administration, planning and development. The  state government is run by the governor. The governor's cabinet consists of the  state's attorney general, commissioner of agriculture and chief financial  officer. The state's legislature is broken down into 23 congressional  districts, 120 house districts and 40 senate districts.

The state economy profits from a  large variety of industries. Other than producing approximately 75 percent of  the U.S. orange production, including growth in the electronic, financial  sectors, tourism, space industry and agriculture make other large part of the  economy. Due to Florida having a steady influx of first time residents,  construction is generally one of its important industries. Almost half of  exports to South America are through Florida's ports.

Background of criminal histories can be obtained from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Division of Criminal Justice Information Services online for requests by the general public as well as specific employee screening purposes. Local police stations provide separate reports of incidents, arrests and persons in custody. The Miami division of the FBI conducts federal Identity History Summary searches for limited purposes. Instant searches are offered for inmates in custody of the state correctional facilities, wanted offenders and people finders.

Individuals and companies in Florida request records for various personal and business purposes. Residents of Florida request records such as birth certificates to establish identity when applying for a passport. Divorce certificates and decrees are recorded and copies are provided by the clerk's office and the Florida department of health.

Official certificates are available from the Bureau of Vital Statistics Records Section, see the eligibility guidelines and the various methods for ordering. Newspaper searches public local obituaries, current events of incidents and area listings. There are fourteen different databases listed for the state of Florida to help locate individuals using people finders in public directories found in both government agencies and private entities.

The Florida county courts have jurisdiction to hear cases involving torts, contracts, real property rights ($5,001/$15,000), other miscellaneous civil matters, exclusive jurisdiction to hear small claims matters involving an amount in controversy of $0-$5,000), exclusive jurisdiction to hear cases involving misdemeanors, DWI or DUI, and other miscellaneous criminal matters. Its exclusive jurisdiction further extends to traffic or other violations, except parking violations (which are handled administratively). County level courts hold venue to preliminary hearings.

Florida circuit courts hear tort matters, contract matters, real property rights matters ($15,001/no maximum), and other miscellaneous civil matters, have exclusive jurisdiction to hear cases involving mental health, estate, and civil appeals matters, exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations matters, felony matters, and criminal appeals matters, will also hear juvenile matters, and hold venue to preliminary hearings.

Florida district courts of appeal hear (have "mandatory jurisdiction") over cases involving certain civil matters, noncapital criminal matters, administrative agency matters, juvenile matters, original proceeding matters, and interlocutory decision matters. District courts have discretion to hear (have "discretionary jurisdiction") cases involving various other civil matters, noncapital criminal matters, juvenile matters, original proceedings, and interlocutory decision cases. Supreme court has mandatory jurisdiction to hear cases involving certain civil matters, capital criminal matters, criminal matters, administrative agency matters, juvenile matters, disciplinary matters, and advisory opinion matters. Its discretionary jurisdiction extends to other various civil matters, noncapital criminal matters, administrative agency matters, juvenile matters, advisory opinions, original proceedings, and interlocutory decision matters.

Florida Statewide Public Records

  • Florida Criminal History Records

    Search state repository for criminal records in Florida.

    • Florida Department of Law Enforcement Computerized Criminal History
      The state's law enforcement offers the public background checks of an individual's criminal history of offenses occurring in Florida. Records of individuals which have been arrested and or fingerprinted. Results are returned online after selecting records or can be emailed. Information can include felony and misdemeanor convictions.
    • Florida Federal Bureau of Investigation Miami Office
      Obtain criminal background checks, name checks or request FBI records.
    • Florida Wanted Person Information
      Search database of Florida warrant information.
    • Florida Department of Corrections Inmate Search
      Identification includes, name, description, known aliases, scars, marks and tattoos. Search results will list prisoner's offense, sentence and release dates, sentence and incarceration history, past detainers, county, case number and sentence length. Inmates incarcerated in these prisons are convicted felons and sentenced to a minimum term of one year.
    • Florida Sex Offenders Registration Photos Location and Alerts
      State registry of sexual offenders, most wanted, missing and important public service announcements. Services to resident include receiving email alerts when a predator has moved into an area. Victim information and safety tips with resources for families, child safety and guides. Find email addresses and IM names under an offender. Conduct a standard or guided search in your neighborhood or near schools.
    • Florida Most Wanted
      Current posting of fugitives and absconders from the FL Crime Information Center.
    • Florida Criminal Record Expungements
      Information and resources to assist in expunging criminal records state and nationwide.
  • Florida Arrest Records

    Access arrest records directly from Florida law enforcement agencies individually. Request information of incidents, charges and details from state and local police departments. Records division contact information and requirements to order official reports.

  • Florida Asset Search

    Search government agencies open to the public to find assets of companies, corporations, or individuals.

    • Florida Division of Corporations Access to Recorded Documents
      Search corporations, LLC's, LLP's and business documents under an individual's name, the registered agent, trademark name or document number. Fictitious business name filing inquiries reveal status of the company, owner information, copy of the registration application and available document images. View information about judgment liens detailing information of the court, debtor, creditor, amount and more. Online public database access and results.
    • Search Business filing in Florida
      Find general info, check name availability, filings and search corporate records.
    • Florida Property Appraisers Interactive Record Search and GIS Mapping
      Search property by owner's names, addresses, geographically or sales price range. Results will reveal parcel number, owner information and address, property assessment and value, sales history, building characteristics, out buildings and other features.
    • Florida Tax Collectors Reports of Real Estate, Business and Assessments
      Tax search, view payments, review property taxes and history. Tax deed sale notices and basic information about the real property. Escrow payments, deed express and county held certificate reports. View real estate tax notices showing taxing authority, tax rate and amount.
    • Florida Property Records
      Obtain property tax info by contacting Florida statewide official records.
    • Florida Bureau of Unclaimed Property Search
      Lookup past dormant accounts under your name reported by retail and commercial banks, an insurance company, securities, utility companies and trusts. An individual's name or business name search returns results online without fees. Reports will show property type, the reported owners data, property type and name of the reporting company holding the unclaimed property.
    • Florida Statewide Professional License Record Search and Verification
      Lookup state issued licenses of various professions and businesses instantly online. A directory of professions from all agencies statewide and fields of practice. Licensees can be searched by name, firm or location. Various fields or industries can reveal different details, most online results will show status, bond, education, expiration and effective date.
    • Florida Official Recorded Document Online Search and Public Requests
      Documents recorded by the state of Florida are available online for public retrieval. Initial searches will show title and type of document, date, county where recorded, instrument number, brief description and parties. Further details regarding a particular filing can be requested with minimal fees online revealing all data collected and recorded. A general query can include one or more categories of recordings under individual's and businesses.
    • Florida Statewide Commissioned Notary Verification
      View detailed information of the notary's name, commission issuance date, status, expiration date, bonding agency and mailing address. Freely access the state's instant database of all notaries commissioned and bonded in Florida.
    • Florida Office of Financial Regulation License Data
      Consumer services to verify the status of a license registration held by finance companies, collection agencies, lenders, brokers, dealers and businesses that offer money services. Responsible for oversight for financial services. Resources include filing complaints, applying for licenses and public data. Research reports issued the agency, administrative actions, prohibited names and statistics.
    • Florida Financial Institution Search
      Lookup banks, credit unions, savings and loans, trust companies and international bank branches operating within the state. Online information available includes name of entity, location, contacts, when location was opened and status. Listings of in-active as well as active financial institutions.
  • Florida People Search by Universities

  • Other Florida Popular Public Records Searches

    • Florida Land Boundary Information System
      Distributes land survey related information. Obtain images deeds, leases, easements and parcel description documents. Interactive survey data map, certified corner records, unique identifier program, early records of township plats and diagrams for public viewing.
    • Florida Death Row
      Information about Florida death row inmates.
    • Florida Genealogy Records
      Browse state archives, historical records, and online databases, search Florida census records to find info about ancestors, family tree and more.
    • Florida Lawyer Lookup
      Verify an attorney's licensing status with the State Bar.
    • Florida Licenses
      Info and applications for obtaining business licenses in FL.
    • Florida Missing Children
      Search Florida missing and exploited kids.
    • Florida Missing and Endangered Persons Central Repository
      Established in 1983, the Missing Endangered Persons Information Clearinghouse has been a liaison between residents, private entities and police agencies. Works along with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and interpol providing each other with data, reports, tips and other resources within its abilities. Sources for missing and unidentified persons, AMBER alert program, unsolved alerts, silver alerts, offenders lists and other related information to help citizens.
    • Florida Vital Records
      Request birth and death certificates, marriage records and divorce filings in Florida.
    • The State of Florida Official Government Website and Public Services
      View government services for resident Floridians, visitors and businesses from the state's official site. Main portal to departments providing services to residents through out the state from law enforcement to its communities to tax services. Information and procedures when starting a business in Florida, instructions and what you need to know and file in accordance to state laws.
    • Florida Megan's Law and Amber Plan, Child and Cyber Safety Data
      Since 1994, The KlaasKids Foundation has been providing information and working with communities, legislators and law enforcement. Priority of this originations is focused on crimes against children, laws pertaining to sexual abuse cases and victim's rights.
    • Florida Crime Information Center Stolen Property Search
      Stolen property Lookup can be conducted to identify vehicles, boats, parts, license plates, decals and firearms. Lookup wanted and missing individuals listed by law enforcement departments across the state. Search results reveal the person's identification, offense, last known address and reporting agency.
    • Florida Division of Elections Voter Registration and Information
      Register to vote, Lookup voter status, forms, publications of elections. Other online information of absentee ballots, polling places and upcoming elections. District maps, county voting systems and bureau of elections records.
    • Starting New a Business or Expanding in Florida
      Resources for business startups. IRS information regarding your new business. Tax and business registration. Tools to assist residents in selecting a new business location by researching economy facts and highlights, available transportation throughout the state, demographics and chamber of commerce.
    • Florida State Employee Names and Contact Information
      Instant search of all government entities by employee name, county, school, subject, city, agency, keyword or phone number. Information revealed will show the employees organization, contact information, city and email address when available.
    • State of Florida Employee Salaries
      Search the anual base pay for various personel employed by the state government. Queries can be conducted base on staff member's name, agency or salary range information. Results will show employee type, last and first name, class title, state hire date and wheter employed part of full time. Website tools include data retrieval and free database downloads.
    • Search State of Florida Employee Pensions
      State pensions retiree benefits spreadsheet receiving $100,000 or more. Information includes the agency's name, date of effective retirement, total credit service years, initial and current annualized benefits being collected.
    • Florida Department of Veterans Affairs Services
      National resource directory serving military veterans in Florida. Information about veteran's health care, claims, education, employment, housing and guides. Advocacy and representation from the FDVA helping to increase benefits and improvement to quality of life.
    • Better Business Bureau Accredited Businesses Search
      Search BBB reviews and see the rating of a company doing business in Florida. See details about any business with or without accreditation within the state. Businesses registered with the BBB contain reports, A+ to F ratings, reviews of positive and negative experiences. Open and closed complaints from past clients, overview of business practices and contact information.
    • Request and Research Veterans Military Service Records
      Search online for public access tools and help to obtain past military history. Archival databases from 1800 to present public searches. Find in person research venues by locating a facility nearby, access free databases on premises and archival catalogs for public use. Historical documents that interest veterans, twentieth century archived and modern service records.
    • U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Services in Florida
      Look for one of the 25 veteran centers in the state, community health care services, medical centers and outpatient clinics, hospitals, programs, cemetery and grave site locator and other services from the federal government to Floridians that are and have served in the military.
    • National Resource Directory for Veterans and Families
      List of resources in Florida pertaining to benefits, compensation, education scholarships, GI bill, tuition assistance, apprenticeships, training, employment and more. Veteran job bank searches in all industries by location. Housing assistance for mortgages, loans, relocation, temporary housing search and access to other benefits listed by the organizations online.
    • Florida Department of Agriculture Licenses, Permits and Registrations
      State's agriculture department, division of licensing public access system. Obtain mailing and physical address, companion licenses, license number, status and expiration date. Search an individual by name or by agency or school's name. Electronic public access system to searches and public record requests.
    • Florida Department of Elder Affairs Background Screenings
      Screening process of applicants to work in the elderly care fields. Guidance and documents necessary for public requests of an individual's history. Implementation of laws that effect the elderly. List of livescan vendor applicant and service providers with submission approval from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Administration, publications, questions about programs and applying for services.
    • Florida State Senate Legislator Finder Online Directory
      Listings of state legislators' contact information, districts they're serving, boundary maps of senate, house and congressional districts. Information about U.S. senators representing Florida, bill search and laws that effect Florida residents and voters. Legislators can be found by area, address or zip code.
    • Florida Demographics, Population and Statistics
      Statistical results collected from the latest U.S. Census bureau. Factual data about the state of Florida's population and businesses. Research economic conditions, housing, employment, manufacturing and geographical facts. Information about individuals' income, household data, educational background and race.
    • Taxes Required for Doing Business in Florida and Registration
      Lookup sales and use tax obligations, corporate income tax and new business requirements. Access address and jurisdiction databases and current tax rates. Information regarding general sales tax, dealers, communication services tax, surtax and miscellaneous categories. Directory of industries and their related taxes from aircraft dealers to veterinarians.
    • Information When Locating or Relocating a Business in Florida
      Location data interactive map revealing community qualities and characteristics. Available building site search. Enterprise zone locator. Regional and data maps of industries, county profiles and infrastructure. Online research of an area using economic and statistical collected data.
    • Rural Economic Development Associations and Organizations Finder
      Search for state, federal, public and private resources for rural areas. Lookup rural revolving loan programs, expedited permitting process, infrastructure fund grants, regional development and small business credit initiative. State government and agencies assist rural areas of critical concern from economic events or natural disasters.
    • Florida Electronic Library and Information Services
      Lookup books, authors, journal articles in education. Full access to three hundred journals updated daily. Web reference to world almanacs and teacher resources. Find answers to general search questions. Online student resources of all grade levels K-12.
    • Florida Division of Library and Information Services
      Search for libraries with a map, partial or city name, grant projects or staffing personnel by name, city or keyword. Download library lists. Online database of data for and about state libraries. Lookup contact information, email address and personnel staffing, web addresses of Florida related organizations.
    • Florida State Government Document Depository Program
      List of state document depositories location and contact information. Public information access about Florida's state document depository Program. Find a database by title or subject under the categories of education, business, economics, genealogy, biography, health and medicine. Online publications from all state agencies.
    • Florida League of Cities Data and Research
      Research information provided from the center for municipal research and innovation. Reported city revenues and expenditures from 1991 to 2009, 2011, and 2012 surveys. Look into salaries, benefits, city and county performance indicators. Economic and social trends, and demographic data.
    • Florida Attorney General Consumer Protection Directory
      Laws in regard to consumers and filing a complaint, fraud, scams and e-Service information. Find resources to assist with lemon laws, antitrust, Medicaid abuses, federal trade commissions fraud prevention issues and other services for Florida consumers.
    • State of Florida Organizational Chart Agency Directory
      Chart of major government agencies, boards, commissions, legislative and judicial branches. Visual reference guide to departments through out the state and access to their public program summaries. Conduct a search by topic areas or list indexing programs by agency.
    • Florida State Agency Department Listing
      List of state government and its divisions. Refer to public services by linking to official individual sites and resources by agency name. Major departments include services for Florida's elderly, education for children, emergency management resources and state service to its citizens.
    • Florida Local Building Officials Directory
      Lookup county and city building offices throughout the state to obtain building permits in your area. Issuance and inspection ensuring state requirements are met. Listings show address or physical location , email addresses and contact information.
    • Florida Seaport Data Routes and Documents
      Information about Florida's fifteen ports from Key West to Pensacola. Resources for businesses and individuals from various state and federal departments in regard to ports along Florida coasts. List of documents online, routes and access to official port sites.
    • Florida Recreational Hunting, Fishing Licenses and Permits
      Find information about obtaining licenses for residents and non residents online, from retail stores, by telephone or tax collectors offices. Lookup public land use areas, requirements set forth by the department, licensing fees due, online applications and forms.
    • Florida Public University Faculty, Staff and Students
      Individual university staff and faculty directory from Florida A&M to University of West Florida (UWF). Interactive university data of enrollment, degrees, credit hours versus full time student enrollment and expenditures.
    • Florida Office of Student Financial Assistance Programs
      Apply, search and check the status of state grants, scholarships, loans and applications for various post secondary education help for students. View a list of state administered grants and program requirements, eligibility, procedures, amounts and renewal.
    • Florida Community College System Directory
      Listings of campus location across the state of Florida, website and contact. Listings of staff, including president and counselors. Instruction and student admissions, degrees that can be obtained, ways of paying for college, enrollment and student support services.
    • Florida Public Schools and Districts
      Find public school contacts and student resources for enrollment, instruction and curriculum. Information of public school district directory, contacts, calendars, standards and improvement. Virtual public Kindergarten through twelfth grade virtual education.
    • Independent Education and Parental Directed Educational Option
      Independent education and parental directed educational options, home education programs and requirements for home schooling children in Florida. Choosing a program, support by the state's department of education and dual enrollments.
    • Search of Nonpublic and Post Secondary Schools and Colleges
      List of institutions meeting Commission for Independent Education requirements. Search each county for a list of nonpublic post secondary schools and colleges' contact information, campus and individual websites. Find schools that offer occupational training in many fields not available from traditional universities and colleges.
    • Florida Independent Non Public Schools
      Private school member directory by region, city or name. Data about members, student body, grade range, web site and head of school contact information. See accreditation of schools not in the state's public school system.
    • Florida's Adult and Family Literacy Resource Center
      State and regional organizations and information about services offered in Florida. Find information for students career planning guidance, transitions and assistance with college applications.
    • Florida Public and Private Airports Data
      List of public, private and military airport facilities statewide. General information of pilot, safety and systems. Aviation professional organizations and training resources in Florida.
    • Online Florida Drivers License Checks
      Online insurance updates, driving school eligibility check, parental access of minor driving history and tracking systems. Online access to children's driving history with license number, date of birth and SSN.
    • Florida Travel and Commute Information
      Current traffic information and road conditions online, view road construction maps and closures data from the Florida Highway Patrol. Plan a trip by checking routes and preparing based on weather conditions, available modes of transportation and caution alerts from the state authorities.
    • National Hurricane Center Weather Conditions
      Forecasts, advisories, satellite and radar data. Check the geographical weather outlook, track active storms and marine forecasts. Latest satellite images, thirty minute Atlantic and Pacific updates. National Hurricane Center tracking charts.
    • Florida 511 Traffic Condition Information
      Information of emergencies, construction and transit current events through out the roads of Florida. Estimate travel times and the estimated speeds of a travel route. See a list of incidents and location, severity, type and description of traffic stoppage or delays.
    • Florida Interactive Trip and Visitation Map
      Mapping of lodging, sightseeing, campgrounds and attractions. Plan a trip by routes with the services you are looking for when visiting whether for business or recreation. Download free print guides or browse electronic guides and transportation maps.
    • Florida State Park Locator and Information Center
      Find a park anywhere in state, alerts and tourism center locations. Maps of designated public trails, river wilderness trails and place of the 160 state parks. Park listings show areas for bicycling, camping, fishing and area wildlife.
    • Florida Department of Children and Families Resource Finder
      State hospitals, services and programs to Floridians their family in various areas across the state. Food and temporary cash assistance access and information for new families. Locate a service center in cities and call centers for services and helpful information.
    • Division of Consumer Services Charity Information
      Public charity financial data of total revenues, expenses, surpluses or deficits. Percentages and dollar amounts of programs services, administrative costs, fund raising expenses and statement of purpose stating programs and description.
    • Florida Housing Divisions, Affordable and Assisted Living
      Lookup existing home values, based on property appraiser values. View summaries housing data in state's various areas. Housing profiles from county to county. Assisted and public housing development directory.
    • Florida Nursing Home Information and Inspection Reports
      Health care administration public record search regarding statement of deficiencies displaying regulation violations found resulting from investigation or inspection. Obtain legal final and emergency orders, restrictions on a facility or provider.
    • Florida Association of Museums Online Database
      Museum exhibits, collections, art and area based search of over four hundred museums through out the state. Search for museums in regard to specific expertise or collection. Listings also show services within the location, staff and site.
    • Florida Museum Collection Databases
      Search specimens or artifacts held from botany to zooarchaeology instantly on the net. Full access and resources for educators, event planers, school groups and research tools. Full time staff, research staff and graduate student directory.
    • Florida News and Publication Directory
      List of daily newspapers, scans of historical publications, business news, campus articles. Search current articles and archived stories from Florida's news publications online. Conduct a text search, by title, easy reference to find specific articles by title, publishers or subject from the Florida Digital Library Newspaper Library.
    • Florida Marketplace Job Search
      Employment listings, training and education, career counseling and opportunities for job seekers in Florida. Employer resources include listings to find candidates, post open positions and labor market information. Search by an area or keyword. Advanced searches allow users to view postings by job source, occupation, employer and other specified criterias.
    • Florida Job Search Resources and Career Planning
      Career centers, Lookup employment opportunities and openings in Florida by accessing community services. Job search resources for veterans and seniors. One stop career centers workforce services for transition assistance, education opportunities and other support resources.
    • Florida State University Employment and Recruiting Services
      Browse current available employment position openings in the state University system for faculty, staff, temporary and student jobs. Listings show job description, salary range, qualifications and responsibilities. How to apply and help with the application process.
    • Florida Career Center Services Directory
      View a list of twenty four locations statewide of offices offering resources for job seekers. Centers offer residents full and satellite access to employment and training. Lookup hiring events and career fairs in your area.
    • Services to Disabled Persons
      Find regional offices and connect to a resource directory in your area statewide. Search for transportation, health, social and community services. Disabled parking permits, vocational rehabilitation, school and work programs.
    • Florida Cemetery Records and Name Search
      Find cemeteries in all Florida counties and obtain name, location, date of birth, date of death and any other detailed information available on the web. Works Project Administration cemetery database free query, historical cemetery record searches and transcriptions database.
    • Florida Historical Society
      Independent nonprofit that saves, preserves and shares Florida's history. Online searchable database contains more then 6,000 catalogued volumes. Includes historical map collections, manuscripts, and photographs.
    • Florida Workers' Compensation Databases
      Link to databases listing claims, administrators, insurers licencesed to do business in Florida, providers and other databases relating to the state's workers compensation. Access medical and proof of coverage data found in using the state Electronic Data Interchange system.
  • State of Florida Courts

    Florida's court system is comprised of various levels and jurisdictions ranging from small claims to the state's Supreme Court. The state's Supreme court is located in Tallahassee with 7 judges. 5 District Court of Appeals, trial courts such as 20 Circuit courts and county courts make up lower level of the state's judicial system. Circuit courts in Florida have general jurisdiction in Florida and hear felony criminal cases, civil filings of over $15,000, divorces, probate, juvenile/guardianship matters and appeals from the lower county courts. Online electronic filings systems have made many court services available online for public use. Each level of the courts have sites to contact clerks, calendar of up coming cases and up to date filings. As newer technology is introduced, resources to online visitors are improved to be more cost effective and promote paperless transactions.

    • Florida Supreme Court Services and Access
      Public information of high profile cases, court calendar and dockets of upcoming cases and cases pending hearing before the Supreme court. Justices biographical profiles. Court disposition orders and review granted orders listed by date.
    • Florida District Court of Appeal
      General information and access to the state's first through fifth appellate districts. Lookup jurisdictions and the court's current opinions, online dockets and calendars, administrative orders, electronic filing and oral argument video.
    • Florida Judicial Circuit Courts
      Links to all twenty circuit courts covering all counties. Individual courthouses and their online services. Jurisdiction includes cases of amounts above $15,000, felony prosecution, estates of decedents, disputes of tax, real property, injunctions and other type of filings as per state law and constitution.
    • Florida County Courts, Clerks and Jurisdiction
      Find county clerks in each of Florida's sixty seven counties. Access all county court clerks and their online services and public information. Misdemeanors, small claims, cases of fifteen thousand dollars or less and traffic cases for the County.
    • Clerks of Court Directory and Public Services
      Addresses, direct link to each county and contact information. Public record requests and court records by county, jury services, court forms, fees and electronic filings. Online marriage information, family law issues, tax deed sales and county filed case resources.
    • Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers Records
      Public record keeper, directory of court websites by area. Search and order official records online. Pay child support and traffic citations. High and large volume record request resources. Internet services and payments and court transactions.
    • Florida Unified Family Court
      Cases involving children and families. Domestic hearings including divorces, child support, paternity, custody and judgments. Children cases of truancies, juvenile dependency and delinquency. Unified family court publications, local self help programs and center physical locations.
    • Florida Dispute Resolution Center Mediator Search
      Mediators in Florida listed by name, demographics, circuit, county or by area map. Find listing of mediators and their full name, address, telephone number and email addresses, circuits serviced, renewal dates and sanction history.
    • Florida Federal Court Cases: Northern Middle Southern
      Search the Florida District Court system to find information and public records on federal case filings.
    • Florida Judgments and Liens Division of Corporations
      Find judgments and liens by debtor
    • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing and retrieval
      UCC and Liens Searches
    • Florida UCC Forms
      Judicial court forms
    • Florida Bankruptcy Records Search
      Conduct a bankruptcy search through public records to find individual or corporate bankruptcy filings.
    • Florida Supreme Court Online Docket Search
      Search upcoming cases in the state's Supreme court. Search by party, attorney, case number or filing dates for active and closed cases going back to 1973. Online view of dates docketed, parties, case name, description, filed by name and notes.
    • District Courts of Appeal Online Docket Search
      Search upcoming cases in the first to fifth Appellate court districts. Search options of party names, attorney name, county or dates filed. Results will show a list of cases going back to 1985, case numbers, case style, county and disposition date.
    • Florida Family Law Court Forms
      List of dissolution of marriage and family law forms for orders, motions, discovery, civil petitions, answers and other miscellaneous filings. Family forms include request for name changes, adoptions, paternity judgments and orders. Special cases forms for domestic violence.
    • Florida Probate Court
      Oversees claims, distribution of assets, identifying and gathering a decedent's assets, expenses and tax payments. Circuit county court level hearings and court clerk services. Florida probate statutes and chapters from 731 through 735.
    • Florida Landlord and Tenant Forms
      Official forms from the Florida State Bar. Residential lease agreements for apartments or unit in multi-family housing. Landlord eviction forms, judgments and notices. Free downloads with instructions without having to personally visit the courthouse's physical location.
    • Florida Statutes, Constitution and State Laws
      Lookup state laws by subject, legislative changes to statutes and effective dates. Search tips for any member of the public to follow and research Florida state law. Simple and advance searches for professionals and individuals representing themselves.
    • Florida Municipal Codes
      Code Lookup library by each individual county's codes or ordinances and legislation adopted by Municipalities. Research tools for the repository of ordinances submitted by municipalities and legislators. Online digital publications of state laws.
    • Florida Administrative Code and Register
      Search for rules in administrative codes, notices and reference materials by number or keyword. Browse chapter and rules in the state of Florida and daily publications with current public information.
    • Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
      Facility locator, programs, detention and support services for youths and parents. What to do if your child is arrested, how to seal juvenile records and finding legal aid. Find out about programs in you area regarding delinquency prevention.

What is the process for someone who is arrested in Florida to go through the jail and court system?

If you get arrested in Florida, you would go to the local county jail. The address of the jail would depend on the county in which you were arrested. You would then appear in court at the local county courthouse. The address of the courthouse would also depend on the county in which you were arrested.

What publicly accessible records can be obtained from the Florida Library?

You can find public records in Florida libraries. Many libraries in Florida have access to public records databases, such as the Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations, which provides access to corporate records, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Criminal History Information database. Additionally, many libraries have access to online databases that provide access to public records from other states.

What are the requirements for obtaining vital records from Florida, and what information is provided in the records?

The Florida Department of Health is responsible for issuing vital records such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce decrees. To obtain a vital record, you must submit a completed application form, a valid photo ID, and the applicable fee. The information included in Florida vital records varies depending on the type of record. Generally, birth certificates include the name of the person, date and place of birth, parents' names, and other information. Death certificates include the name of the deceased, date and place of death, cause of death, and other information. Marriage certificates include the names of the couple, date and place of marriage, and other information. Divorce decrees include the names of the couple, date and place of divorce, and other information. In some cases, the address of the person may also be included.

Where is the best place to locate police reports in Florida?

Police reports in Florida can be obtained from the local police department or sheriff's office that handled the incident. You can also find police reports online through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's website.

What information is typically included in a Florida background check?

A Florida background check typically includes a search of criminal records, including felony and misdemeanor convictions, as well as sex offender registry information. Depending on the type of background check, it may also include a search of driving records, credit reports, and other public records.