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Many Florida state and law enforcement agencies offer support and services in the search and recovery effort when a child is reported missing. The Florida Center for Missing and Exploited children provides photos and details online of children reported missing in Florida. Florida's Amber Alert System offers immediate, up to date information to aid in a child's safe recovery and makes available current alerts online. The Florida Missing Children's Clearinghouse acts as liaison among citizens, private organizations and law enforcement officials regarding missing endangered persons information. A child identification program consisting of children's blood samples give parents or guardians the option of having their child's blood sample available in an emergency. The Florida Department of Education leads a program which instructs school districts to compare student databases for matches against a list of missing children from law enforcement. The Florida Missing Children's Day Foundation holds an annual Missing Children's Day in an effort to raise awareness of Florida's currently missing children and to educate the public on child safety and abduction prevention. Multiple internet sites provide safety tips, resources, and information children should know to help keep them safe. Floridians should know that the criminal activity of child abduction is treated with utmost seriousness by Florida law enforcement and state agencies.

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