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Founded in 1867, Wyoming is the country's least populated state and With nearly 98,000 square miles, it is the 10 largest in the U.S. Wyoming’s population has grown from less than ten thousand in 1870 with only five original counties (Laramie Carter, Carbon, Albany and Uinta) to over half a million residents in 23 counties, ranking least populated of all other states and forty ninth in density. There are no individual or corporate taxes imposed on residents of the state. Nearly half of the land is owned by the U.S. Federal government.

The state’s has enjoyed commerce due to its vast natural resources. Tourism of Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park, Devils Tower and Fossil Butte National Monument. Mineral extraction and natural resources of coal, petroleum, natural gas, coal-bed methane, crude oil, uranium, has the large deposits uranium and sodium carbonate. Tax revenues from its mining industry are fifteen times the size of income from the tourism industry. With over eleven thousand farms and ranches in over thirty million acres of farmland, Wyoming is a large producer of alfalfa, barley, beans, beef, sheep, lamb and wool totaling in over one billion dollars in revenue.

Top elected officials includes the Governor, Secretary of State, State Auditor, Treasurer and State Superintendent of Public Instruction in charge of schools. The congressional delegation has 2 senators and only one U.S. Representative. The Wyoming Legislature’s in Cheyenne, WY publishes state statutes, session archives, calendar and session products. The state’s Business Council helps economic growth with permitting, available properties and small business assistance. Cheyenne,WY is the state’s capital as well its largest city with over 60,000 residents.

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Wyoming district courts are the state's trial courts with jurisdiction to hear torts, contracts, real property rights, small claims up to $7500, mental health, estate, miscellaneous civil matters, juvenile, domestic and family, criminal, and traffic violations.

The state’s court of appeals have mandatory jurisdiction in civil, criminal, administrative agency, juvenile cases, discretionary jurisdiction to hear civil, criminal, juvenile, and original proceeding cases.

The supreme court is the state's highest court. It has mandatory jurisdiction in criminal, administrative agency, disciplinary, and certified questions from federal court cases, has discretionary jurisdiction in various civil, criminal, administrative agency, juvenile, and original proceeding cases.

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