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Search for prison inmates, prisoners, prison records and offender records at state correctional institutions, county jails and prisons with these free prison inmate search engines and prison inmate locators. Search by name alphabetically, by correctional institution, or by county or local jail. Search the Sex offender registry; access the list of Inmates criminals and fugitives. Access the Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINElink), a service through which victims of crimes may search for information regarding their offender's custody status, and register to be notified when the offender's custody status changes.


Federal Bureau Of Prisons
Locate a facility and it’s prisoners and contact information for regional offices.

American Correctional Association
Access to government and public affairs of the largest international correctional association.

Federal Facility Locator
Address and information directory of federal prisons by facility, region and security level.

Federal Inmate Locator
See who is incarcerated by the federal prison system searching by name or identification number.

Get timely and reliable information of offenders, their custody status and cases with a notification network.

Inmate Lookup from State Agencies:

Alabama Inmates
Alabama department of corrections inmates and parolees.

Alaska Inmates
Look for prisoners in Alaska department of corrections.

Arizona Inmates
Access the Arizona inmate datasearch.

Arkansas Inmates
Arkansas inmate population information system.

California Inmates
California adult and juvenile offender information.

Colorado Inmates
Colorado inmates and list of absconders.

Connecticut Inmates
Link to Connecticut's offender information search.

Delaware Inmates
Search prisoners, visitations and work releases.

DC Inmates
District of Columbia prison and halfway house facilities.

Florida Inmates
Florida corrections offender network of databases.

Georgia Inmates
Georgia death row and prison population search.

Hawaii Inmates
Hawaii department of public safety intake and offender management.

Idaho Inmates
Database of inmates currently under Idaho DOC jurisdiction.

Illinois Inmates
Illinois state prison offender search.

Indiana Inmates
Indiana department of corrections database of offenders.

Iowa Inmates
Indiana prisoners and victim services.

Kansas Inmates
Obtain information of Kansas prisoners.

Kentucky Inmates
Find anyone in the Kentucky prison system.

Louisiana Inmates
Public information of Louisiana correctional facilities.

Maine Inmates
Main corrections and victim notifications.

Maryland Inmates
Search prisoners housed at the division of corrections.

Massachusetts Inmates
Search information from the Massachusetts DOC.

Michigan Inmates
Michigan prisoners, probation and parole information.

Minnesota Inmates
Search Minnesota's prison system for incarcerated prisoners.

Mississippi Inmates
Information for Mississippi state prisons.

Missouri Inmates
Information about offenders supervised by the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Montana Inmates
Database of felony offenders in Montana's prisons.

Nebraska Inmates
Nebraska Department of corrections public searches of inmates.

Nevada Inmates
Search convicted felons in the custody of the Nevada DOC.

New Hampshire Inmates
New Hampshire prison and sentencing information.

New Jersey Inmates
Search links to facility prisoners by the NJ DOC.

New Mexico Inmates
New Mexico offender data and parole updates.

New York Inmates
See how to find a New York inmate.

North Carolina Inmates
Search North Carolina active inmates, probationers and inmates.
North Dakota Inmates
North Dakota probation, parole and prison division information.

Ohio Inmates
Offenders in Ohio prisons and offenders under supervision of the state.

Oklahoma Inmates
Oklahoma corrections search of prisoners, death row inmates and escapees.

Oregon Inmates
Oregon DOC search system, programs and victim assistance.

Pennsylvania Inmates
Database of inmates and correction facilities in Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island Inmates
Rhode Island DOC prisoner look up database.

South Carolina Inmates
South Carolina inmate inquiries and released information.

South Dakota Inmates
South Dakota incarcerated inmate search.

Tennessee Inmates
Look up incarcerated individuals in Tennessee.

Texas Inmates
Texas online instant inmate finder.

Utah Inmates
Access the Utah corrections department, probation and parole databanks.

Vermont Inmates
Conduct an online instant search of Vermont prison population.

Virginia Inmates
Search for prisoners in Virginia DOC.

Washington Inmates
Links to search for inmates incarcerated in Washington state.

West Virginia Inmates
WV department of corrections state inmates information search..

Wisconsin Inmates
Wisconsin adult institution public information.

Wyoming Inmates
Information of offenders incarcerated in Wyoming stat facilities.

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