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Felonies and class A misdemeanor arrests can be requested from Indiana State Police's limited criminal History online search, it is also acknowledged by the state as an official document. The state's department of health provides certified vital records with an expedient online system. For protected information from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, instructions and forms are available regarding public use policies. Indiana's secretary of state maintains and updates an instant database for business data, verification of licenses and entities. Local county and city governments offer real estate information to police reports. An index to individual public record clerks reveals Indiana's agencies which provide the information either online, mail or by telephone

Indiana Statewide Public Records

Indiana Public Records by County

- A -

  • Adams County
    Adams county offices, calendar, contact info
  • Allen County
    Allen county department, employment opportunities, online services, contact info
- B -

- C -

  • Carroll County
    Carroll county departments, council members and commissioners.
  • Cass County
    Cass county departments, administration, employment, local links and GIS mapping.
  • Clark County
    Clark county commissioners, contacts, organizations and departments.
  • Clay County
    Clay county offices, health department, history and other links.
  • Clinton County
    Information on cities and towns, schools, community sites and statistics for Clinton county.
  • Crawford County
    Crawford county profile, cities and towns, schools, government sites and local organizations.
- D -

  • Daviess County
    Daviess county statistics, cities and towns, government sites and school corporations.
  • Dearborn County
    Information on services, government, business and recreation for Dearborn county.
  • Decatur County
    Decatur county commissioners, council, county offices and GIS maps.
  • DeKalb County
    Find departments, phone directory, news and calendar for DeKalb county.
  • Delaware County
    Find government departments, information for residents, business and visitors in Delaware county.
  • Dubois County
    County offices, elected officials, education and statistics for Dubois county.
- E -

  • Elkhart County
    Elkhart county departments, board of commissioners, council and property data.
- F -

- G -

- H -

- J -

  • Jackson County
    Jackson county statistics, cities, community information and schools.
  • Jasper County
    Jasper county departments, local links and general information.
  • Jay County
    Jay county departments, cities, schools, libraries and business directory.
  • Jefferson County
    Jefferson county profile, cities, government offices and school corporations.
  • Jennings County
    Jennings county directory of departments and services.
  • Johnson County
    Find departments, calendar, public notices and statistics for Johnson county.
- K -

- L -

  • Lagrange County
    LaGrange county government departments, agendas, calendar of events and contact information.
  • Lake County
    Lake county commissioners, departments, directory and contact information.
    Lake County Public Records
    Find deeds, mortgages, liens, assumed business names and more at the Lake county recorders office.
    Lake County Court Clerk
    View marriage license information, court dockets and filings.
  • La Porte County
    Find La Porte county boards and commissions, directory, news and contact information.
  • Lawrence County
    Lawrence county departments and contact info
- M -

  • Madison County
    Madison county government center, commissioners and county offices, elected officials and calendar.
  • Marion County
    Marion county council, departments, elected and appointed officials.
    Marion County Civil Courts
    Find Marion county circuit, superior and small claims court information.
    Marion County Inmates
    Search for Marion county inmates with the jail information management system.
  • Marshall County
    Marshall county services, commissioners and departments.
    Marshall County Public Records
    Search for recorded documents at the Marshall county recorders office.
  • Martin County Judiciary
    Information for the public, case search, documents and records.
  • Miami County
    Miami county departments, offices, courts, resources and news.
  • Monroe County
    Monroe county government, community and justice departments.
  • Montgomery County
    Montgomery county courts, officials and departments.
  • Morgan County
    Morgan county directory of departments, calendar, demographics and contact information.
- N -

  • Newton County
    Newton county profile, government services, property records and contact information.
  • Noble County
    Noble county offices, boards and contact information.
- O -

  • Ohio County Judiciary
    Ohio county records, documents and case information.
  • Orange County
    Orange county cities and towns, government offices and community information.
  • Owen County
    Owen county departments, calendar and staff directory.
- P -

  • Parke County Records and Documents
    Information for the public, search cases, records and documents.
  • Perry County
    Online guide to Perry county maps, attractions, lodging, dining and activities.
  • Pike County
    Information on Pike county statistics, cities, government offices and schools.
  • Porter County
    Porter county government departments, services and contact information.
  • Posey County
    Posey county government offices, schools, cities, towns and statistics.
  • Pulaski County
    Information on Pulaski county government offices, towns, education and calendar.
  • Putnam County
    Putnam county departments, commissioners, history and other resources.
- R -

  • Randolph County
    Randolph county government offices, statistics, cities, towns and schools.
  • Ripley County
    Ripley county directory of departments, calendar and courthouse information.
  • Rush County
    Find Rush county offices, news, events calendar and general information.
- S -

- T -

- U -

  • Union County
    County government agencies, departments, records and officials.
- V -

- W -

What is the process for someone who is arrested in Indiana to go through the jail and court system?

If you are arrested in Indiana, you will likely be taken to the local county jail. The exact address of the jail will depend on the county in which you were arrested. You will then appear in court at the local county courthouse. The exact address of the courthouse will depend on the county in which you were arrested.

What publicly accessible records can be obtained from the Indiana Library?

Many public records can be found in Indiana libraries. The Indiana State Library, for example, has a variety of public records available, including birth, death, marriage, and divorce records, as well as military records, land records, and court records. Additionally, many local libraries in Indiana have access to public records databases.

What are the requirements for obtaining vital records from Indiana, and what information is provided in the records?

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) is responsible for issuing vital records for the state of Indiana. To obtain vital records, individuals must submit a completed application form, along with the appropriate fee, to the ISDH. The vital records available from the ISDH include birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce decrees. Each record includes the name of the individual, the date of the event, and the county where the event occurred. Birth certificates also include the address of the individual at the time of birth. Death certificates include the address of the individual at the time of death. Marriage certificates and divorce decrees do not include address information.

Where is the best place to locate police reports in Indiana?

Police reports in Indiana can be obtained from the local police department or sheriff's office that handled the incident. You can also request a copy of the report from the Indiana State Police Records Division.

What information is typically included in a Indiana background check?

A background check in Indiana typically includes a search of criminal records, sex offender registry records, and driving records. Depending on the type of background check being conducted, additional records may be included, such as credit reports, employment history, and educational records.